Future Meets Giorgio Armani for the First Time in a Bugatti

What’s up guys, I have some cool news in fashion and trends. Guess what recording artist is featured alongside one of fashions most recognized designers. Well that would be none other than Atlanta’s own Future, meeting Italian Designer Giorgio Armani. Future is currently spotlighted in the latest issue of GQ Style alongside Italian fashion icon Giorgio Armani for his new capsule collection with Bugatti. Originally, the men’s fashion magazine was going to feature the 82-year-old designer himself, but ended up adding the Atlanta-native rapper for the spread as well. Especially since he gained worldwide recognition for his part in Ace Hood’s song that took the name of the famed French car manufacturer. Mark Anthony Green from GQ recently documented the dope moment when the popular recording artist met one of fashion’s most recognized faces.

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“He’s seen all kinds of artists over the years,” Future told GQ. “He can basically just look at you and tell. Sometimes I get nervous about being accepted by people like him, because you never know. But someway my walk of life and his walk of life have connected.” Having added: “He’s the top designer in the world. I’m the top rapper in the world. Some hits are going to come from this experience for sure.” Armani avowed that all of his varying business ventures make him “closer to other people” and how “it’s important to meet any icon in their field.”

Head over to GQ to read the entire feature.

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