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THE G0LD MINE: Olivia G0ld beyond her platform!

THE G0LD MINE: Olivia G0ld beyond her platform!

She’s not your average 21-year-old. She was born to stand out! Noticed for her beauty and endless perfect selfies; helped her gain over 450,000 Instagram followers. Receiving constant remarks such as “how to” gave her the drive to help and inspire other girls. The birth of beauty tutorials, hauls, and product reviews “The G0ld way” came shortly after. You may be asking at this point, who is she? She is Olivia G0ld. Today we talk beyond her platforms. Olivia shares her future dreams, motivation, and the woman she is today.

olivia gold
Image Credit: Olivia G0ld

This 21-year-old beauty blogger became an overnight sensation with the help of her following. Taking advice from her peers on social media is how she has been able to gain and sustain a successful digital career.

“I’m not a trained makeup artist. I was self-taught. I learned the basics off YouTube. My senior year of high school, I started to gain more followers just by posting pictures. Girls would ask me to do hair and beauty tutorials all the time. I’m an introvert. It took a lot of courage for me to start. However, once I started, my first video was an everyday makeup routine it reached 300,000 in a week. I then saw the potential of what it could be.”

Social media has turned into a great tool to market yourself and gain relevance to individuals all over the world. With the start of her YouTube career, she was able to obtain more than 400,000 supporters in less than five months. However, more notoriety sometimes causes people to present a false self. Olivia states, “I like to stress in my videos, I’m not perfect. A lot of people think you’re making money your life is perfect, but a lot goes into it.”

Inspiration motivates individuals to do the unbelievable. When you have the support of others, it helps you achieve. On a day-to-day what makes a young entrepreneur such as Olivia G0ld stay inspired? “My mom is one of my biggest inspirations; she keeps me going. She plays a big role in my life. As well as my supporters. Sometimes when I feel down, girls message me. They help me to keep going as well.”

olivia gold
Image Credit: Olivia G0ld

Olivia also stated her boyfriend Will gives her great support. In June, she decided to move from New York to Vegas to live with her boyfriend and further her beauty career. For anyone that wants to take a leap of faith. We asked, how was it transitioning from a different coast? Gold expressed, “I love it. Its’ a different atmosphere and its positive energy here. At first, I was skeptical because I never lived with a boy. But, we never have any issues. We have great communication.” I’m sure you have seen this couple before. Known for their adorable viral videos, “GoldJuice” is always considered as #couplegoals.

After speaking with this soft-spoken young lady, I assure you will be seeing more of her. Olivia’s ambition will lead her to the right paths. She currently has a T-shirt brand with her boyfriend called, “GoldJuice” which they are planning on expanding soon. Next year, you might even be able to shop her closet. “I’m in the process of learning business regulations. I do plan on coming out with a boutique. I’m taking my time. I’m learning all the business aspects.” So look out for that release! She ended the interview with a powerful message to young girls.

“Anything is possible. When I started, I didn’t think I would be at where I am today. If you believe it, it can come true. You can work toward anything you believe in!”

Make sure you follow Olivia G0ld on all her social media platforms. Click here, to purchase GoldJuice merch.

Instagram: OliviaG0ld | Youtube: OliviaG0ld


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