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Gabrielle Union Pens Open Letter About Her Leaked Nude Photos

Imagine waking up on a day of bliss only to have your world shattered because your private actions were suddenly made public. Gabrielle Union remembers all too well the day that she fell victim to the iCloud hacker, when nude photos that were meant for her hubby’s eyes only hit the Internet.

In an open letter in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, the actress recounts the moment when she found out that her nude photos had leaked to the public while on her Honeymoon with husband Dwayne Wade.

In the letter she writes,

My honeymoon was plagued by thoughts of when I would get hit. It was always in the back of my mind: Will today be the day my life gets ruined? I thought about my family and everyone the scandal would affect — my mom, who teaches classes about Catholicism to kids, and the three boys I had become a stepmother to when I married Dwyane. My husband, meanwhile, would always have to wonder who had seen intimate photos of me that only he was supposed to see.

The hit came three weeks later. I was on the final night of a beach retreat with Dwyane and the kids in Turks and Caicos. We had just given the boys a big lecture on how to protect themselves online, telling them to be careful what they post and what they say. Friends contacted me with the news: A photo of me had surfaced online. I clicked on the link and felt a flicker of relief: The picture was not very revealing — my body was covered. It was a flirtatious shot I had sent to Dwyane three years ago. I had zapped it to him and then told him to delete it right away, as he has a habit of losing phones. He deleted it, and so did I.

The letter continues to detail how she attempted to work with her legal team to get the photos removed, including sending out “cease and desist” letters to blogs running the photos illegally, and even escalated the matter to the FBI.

Read the full letter here to see how she ultimately decided to handle the rather embarrassing situation, and how she’s staying strong in the public eye.

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