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Gardening Rudiments: Reasons To Grow Cilantro For Your Garden

Gardening Rudiments: Reasons To Grow Cilantro For Your Garden

Aside from having a garden for decoration and a safe place, it can be used as an advantage for planting natural resources that you can use for your day-to-day life, like in cooking. Having your natural source of ingredients will save you time to buy those in markets. Also, you can ensure that the quality of the ingredient you are using is fresh.

There are many herbs you can choose to grow for your garden, and cilantro is one of the best options to start. It can provide you many benefits from different aspects that will help improve your lifestyle and health. Let’s find out why having cilantro is essential to have in your garden and understand what it can bring to the table.

What Is A Cilantro?

Cilantro is also known as Coriandrum sativum, and it is an herb that can be found and harvested from the leaves of a coriander plant. It belongs to the family of parsley, usually used by the Chinese and Mexicans for various purposes. Its leaves are formed like flat-leaf parsley that grows on tender stems. Normally, the taste of cilantro is lemony and quite strong. However, others say that cilantro can taste like soap.


Growing cilantro is considered easy, as you can plant it in your garden, and also you can grow cilantro at home. Typically, most people choose to plant this indoors near their kitchen so that they will be able to access it easily. Especially when cooking dishes, some chefs would incorporate this to make the meal more delicious.

Cilantro Used For Food

As mentioned earlier, most chefs incorporate cilantro with food. It is because cilantro has a strong aroma and flavor that makes people enjoy it while eating. The seeds of its plant are often used for spice, and its roots are considered edible and used for preparing food.


It is usually paired with Mexican and Thai dishes; it is also recommended to use it for dishes with beans, cheese, fish, and eggs. Others would enjoy it by using a food processor to make it a dip for nachos and other foods that can be dip. Cilantros are added when the dish is cooked or treated as a dressing for flavor and presentation.

Benefits of Cilantros

There are many benefits you can get from cilantro. Apart from providing you with flavors for your dish, it has various advantages that will be good for your health and body. Suppose you’re finding a way to implement a healthy lifestyle. Applying this to your food will ensure you boost your health, and starting with this is suitable for starters.


Cilantro can provide healthy nutrition for your body. Also, other benefits of cilantro are not yet applied to humans but can be seen as a potential due to the results coming from animal studies. With this progress, there is a foreseeable future that cilantro will provide more benefits, especially when it comes to diseases. Below are some examples of its potential for the future.


Lower Blood Sugar

In animal studies, it identified that cilantro seeds could reduce blood sugar by fostering an enzyme that removes sugar from the blood.


Improve Digestion

From a test using mice, results show that cilantro can be able to prevent sun damage to the skin.


Antifungal Characteristic

A study found that using oil extracted from cilantro was determined to have antifungal properties for fungal infections.


Brain Health

One study showed that a cilantro extract reduced seizure attacks and prevented nerve cell damage in rats.


Reduce Anxiety

Animal studies showed that extracts from cilantro plants had proven the best medication for reducing symptoms of anxiety.

Tips For Growing Cilantros

There are conditions that you need to follow in growing your cilantro. It is ideal for cilantro to grow in cool but sunny weather. For example, the best location is in a place where it can be exposed in the early morning or late afternoon sun. Another one to keep in mind is to ensure that it will be shaded when it is the hottest part of the day.


Cilantros doesn’t last long, and the best way to prolong it is by trimming it regularly to delay its tearing and time of harvest. Patience is needed to be able to prolong its usability. Even though you’re doing this, time will still come that it will tear, and you will need to plant a new one again. Once the cilantro tears, leave it, and it will grow again next year.


Having cilantro for your garden is the best. Considering its low conditions for planting, growing, and maintenance. Also, it has various benefits for our health that will help us in improving our lifestyle to become healthy. There is no loss for doing this, though it’s up to you if you want to do it or not. But, seeing the benefits and requirements, you will miss the opportunities it offers. Don’t hesitate, and plant some cilantro for your home.



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