Gargoyles Movie casting! Check out the candidates for Goliath!

It looks like Disney is moving forward with a live action version of the Gargoyles series and has even begun checking out a few tall and hunky candidates for the role of Goliath! As you recall, Goliath is the leader of the Manhattan Clan of Gargoyles and the series’ protagonist. When casting him, the creators seem to want someone who with a little movie makeup magic and CGI can fit the part. Check out the three surprising candidates below!

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje


Adewale seems like the most likely candidate for this role. Does anyone remember HBO’s OZ? Then you know he has already proven himself to be quite the monster. His height, size, and physique can definitely make him a ferocious figure. Remember one of Goliath’s advantages is that he is bigger and stronger than most of his kind. Currently, Adewale is also portraying another reptilian character in Suicide Squad, Killer Croc!

Joe Manganiello


Joe definitely has the body, size, and skills to be Goliath. He is also not a bad actor and became quite popular as the werewolf, Alcide, on HBO’s True Blood. Still, Alcide looks like he would make a better Xanatos than a Goliath. Xanatos is the villain of the series; and if you darken his hair and line up his beard, then they are practically twins. Besides it would be hot to see him go toe to toe with Goliath in his exo-suit!

LeBron James

lebron james 2

This name definitely threw us for a loop, but honestly it is not that bad of an idea–if LeBron can act! LeBron has the size, height, body, and fan base to make this film a hit out of the gate. Then (pardon my rudeness) he does not need that much make up to actually look like Goliath.

Well there you have it! Three awesome guys contending for one amazing character. Let us just hope they do our hero right. After all Goliath was one of those heroes that made growing up in the nineties really, really cool! Who do you think should be Goliath? Comment below!

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