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He Wants Anal Sex: Gay or Straight?

So your man wants to try anal sex and now you’re wondering if he’s gay? Let me clarify that anal sex means just that anal sex and nothing else. I once heard, “Gay is what you’re attracted to, not what you do in the bedroom.” This might be a shocker, but heterosexuals have anal sex too and enjoy it. Being a gay man of course I participate in the act and my girlfriends are always intrigued in how its done, but first lets get back to your man. If your guy is curious about sharing the experience with you be thankful he’s comfortable enough to ask you. Would you really rather him run to another chick or guy to fulfill the desire? Exactly, so calm down with the assumptions and start exploring your mind and body.

I say if you’re going to try it most important thing to do is c-l-e-a-n thoroughly. By the way soap and water doesn’t get the job done. Head over to your local drugstore and pick up at least a two-pack enema, which you can find in the laxative isle. The instructions are on the box, but I promise you it really isn’t that bad just hold tight once the fluid enters. I’m also not saying it’s going to be peaches and cream. Repeat the procedure as many times as it takes for the residue to come out the same color it resembled going in (i.e. clear).

Don’t forget your lubrication and protection while preparing. I stand by WET as the best brand of water based lubricant. Water base is the safest form of lubrication. If he dares to try anything with an oil base substance prepare for the condom to break in a matter of seconds. This is not the time to be cheap or careless with lotions and petroleum jelly. Sexual health is everything ladies and gents. We all have to be smart. Once the penetration begins you’re going to feel pain, which is of no surprise, but with time it gets better. I advise to start with a finger and have him work his way in and out. Breath and exhale ladies its about to get real!

(stay tuned to future post I have more coming)


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