Gentlemen’s Must Have: Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet

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A large wallet is not fun to sit on, it hurts your bottom and sometimes hurts your back as well. Also let’s be honest you never even look at half the crap that’s in there anyway. Guy’s I think we’re all pretty much guilty of holding onto old gift cards, expired metro cards, and many useless credit cards, but I have a solution for cleaning out that wallet and making life more simple for the new year. Aimed for the gentleman on the go, the Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet is the perfect must have essential for 2016. With this wallet you can carry all of your important daily cards and cash. Laced in a vegetable tanned leather pallet the super slim micro sleeve wallet makes it easy storing and accessing your cash and cards. External slots fits up to 4 cards, making it quick to access when you need them the most and the central pocket can hold a couple more. Tailored fit to smooth away pocket lines this micro sleeve wallet is the perfect gentleman’s essential. Priced at approximately $64.95 the micro sleeve wallet comes in an assortment of colors ranging from black, charcoal, blue steel, tamarillo, and caramel. Bellroy’s Micro Sleeve Wallet would definitely make the perfect substitute for carrying around that bulky bill fold wallet you’re currently holding. To check it out for yourself go on for more of their collection of merchandise. – EffYeahMark

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