How To Get Away With Murder- “He Deserved To Die”

The latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder” centered around Rebecca. The show began with a flash forward of Wes promising to take care of her and them kissing. Flashing back, we find her being coached by Annalise and her students in rounds of questioning. She does not take it seriously and jokes about killing Lila. Everyone is taken aback by her playfulness and Annalise admonishes her for her behavior. Wes suggests they take a break. Annalise believes her carelessness will cost them the case and her freedom. The students find Wes’s attachment to her a conflict of interest. They soon learn the prosecution is in violation of the gag order on the case when they read a headline. At a hearing concerning the matter Annalise manages to have the court investigate who has been leaking information about the case. The prosecution unexpectedly wants to exhume Lila’s body believing the marks on her neck will prove Rebecca is the murderer and exonerate Griffin. Annalise realizes they must stop the exhumation to protect Rebecca.


Annalise puts the students to work to prevent the exhumation. They have experts look at the marks on Lila’s neck and even approach her mother hoping the court will respect her wishes. The prosecution brings in an expert who will side with them claiming that Griffin who has short nails never could have caused those marks. However, they manage throw out his claims based on faulty expertise and an investigation in him taking bribes for his testimonies. Rebecca reveals Lila and Griffin never had sex and that she wore a purity ring for their commitment to one another. However, she and Griffin did! Annalise reveals this in court and it puts holes in the prosecutions religious defense of Griffin. The revelation also disappoints Wes. Shortly after court, Griffin confronts Rebecca, accusing her of being a slut and liar. He even tries to grab her until Annalise threatens to have him arrested for assault. Connor runs into an anonymous guy he once hooked up with. The fact that he does not remember him surprisingly bothers him. On a second run in they have sex in the court restroom. Later, Annalise is furious with Rebecca’s behavior in court and declares she believes her miscarriages were a blessing in disguise. Sam tries to comfort her, but she rebuffs his advances, telling him she needs more times.  Elsewhere, Rebecca confronts Wes about his disappointment in her sleeping with Griffin. She tells him to give up on her. He declares he believes in her, but if she does not want his help he will completely back off. She is impressed with how much he cares for her and they begin to kiss passionately, ultimately having sex.



In court, Lila’s mother expresses her wishes for them to exhume her daughter’s body if it means putting Rebecca and Griffin away. She also declares her hate and disgust for them taking her away. After exhuming Lila’s body, an expert testifies on the defense’s behalf assuring the court the bites on Lila’s neck  were from ants and not scratches from a struggle. Later, Connor takes flowers to see Oliver, but finds he has a date there. The guy is more attractive and tells him to never bother Oliver again if he really cares about him. Laurel  still has not made a decision on whether she should work with Kan or not, and finally hooks up with Charlie. Michaela’s future in laws present her with a prenup. At home, Sam tries to comfort Annalise and she gives in until Bonnie interrupts them with news–Lila was six weeks pregnant when she died! Flash forward, Nate approaches Rebecca and tells her she did not kill Lila but knows who did.

Shondaland is rife with drama! From the case to the students everyone seemed to be dealing with something. I am, however, so glad Connor and Michaela got a taste of their own medicine. These two are so smug! Our boy Wes, finally became a man and got Rebecca to himself. Although I have to admit she does not seem trustworthy. I really cannot wait to find out who killed Sam!


Next Week—> We learn who killed Sam, Lila’s point of view

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