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How To Get Away With Murder- “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole”

How To Get Away With Murder- “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole”

The latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder” proves to be the best yet. This time the focus is on Asher, easily the comic relief of The Keating 5. Flash forward, and we find Asher banging on the door of the office, furious with his coworkers for stealing his trophy. He frantically tries to give in, but relents when he believes they are not there. In the present, Annalise continues to reel from Sam’s betrayal, but tries to go on with business as usual. Her lesson on habeas corpus is stalled when she realizes Wes is not in attendance. She replays, in her head, the confrontation between the two of them the night before when he learned about Sam and Lila. She snaps out of her daydream when Bonnie informs her one of her client’s appeal has been accepted. Michaela, Connor, Asher, and Laurel are put to work immediately researching every aspect of the case. The case is critical as the man is on death row and losing the case will seal his fate.


Annalise goes to see Wes and get him to come work the case. She also asks what it is she wants from her in return for his silence. He demands she locate Rebecca. Back at the office Annalise has the rest of her staff get Wes up to speed and then pairs them up with specific tasks to unravel the prosecution’s case. Asher realizes his father was involved in the original case, and when information comes to light he may have framed Annalise’s client in order to receive a judge position he walks out on the case. The remainder of The Keating 5 interrogate everyone involved in the case arond the clock. Laurel and Frank continue to flirt, until Bonnie advises the latter to stop it not wanting to see Frank hurt. Annalise tasks Frank with a delivery. Asher goes home to check his father’s notes about the case, but does not find anything. That night, he confronts him about his involvement in the original case, learning his behavior was dubious. Asher’s father demands he leave.



Asher meets with Annalise and gives her information to help with her case. In turn, he demands his father’s name not be involved. She agrees and receives information that implicates a Senator paid off the original case’s primary witness’s rent in return for her implicating Annalise’s client. In court, Annalise brings this information to the forefront, compelling the the judges to subpoena the Senator involved in the case. When he appears on the stand Annalise berates him with speculations of racism, destroying a community, and framing her client. Her accusations are overruled, but successful and the judges dismiss the case, place the Senator under investigation, and exonerate her client of all charges. Later, Annalise gives Wes Rebecca’s location and informs him new evidence has arisen that implicates Griffin as Lila’s murderer. It is revealed Annalise had Frank plant Lila’s cell phone planted with Sam’s penis picture on the phone in Griffin’s car. He has the information linking the picture to Sam wiped from the phone. That night, Annalise tells Sam she saved him because she needs and loves him. Wes and Rebecca come to the office to discuss the next step of her case. Nate is watching Annalise’s home and receives pictures of Frank planting the evidence in Griffin’s car. Flash forward, Bonnie and Asher have just finished having sex. Annalise calls her frantic, believing something has happened to Sam.


This episode was totally outrageous, but we definitely got to see a different side of Asher. Besides being the comic relief, he actually has scruples and morals. Still, Annalise finally proved to be human this episode. She let her emotions get the best of her, but used them offensively to get her client off. However, Nate is going to be her undoing in the end. In two episodes we learn who killed Sam!




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