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How To Get Away With Murder- “We’re Not Friends”

How To Get Away With Murder- “We’re Not Friends”

Allies were few and far in between when it came to the latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder.” The episode centered around Laurel, as the wallflower finally came to the forefront and her part in covering up Sam’s murder is revealed. During the flash forward, we see her trying to help Michaela find her engagement ring until she receives a phone call from Frank. The students immediately become suspicious of her until she confesses they had an affair. They demand she answer the phone so he will hear the bonfire party in the background and corroborate their alibi. Flash back a few months and Annalise and Sam go toe to toe over his penis picture in Lila’s phone. He promises his wife he had nothing to do with her murder, but reveals he did have an affair with her. He tries to comfort her but she fights him away, revealing that he has always been a cheater. In fact, his relationship with Annalise began as affair when he was with his first wife. She demands he leave. As he does he finds Bonnie at the bottom of the stairs, she has overheard their fight.

Liza Weil as "Bonnie Winterbottom"
Liza Weil as “Bonnie Winterbottom”

Business goes on as usual, and Annalise teaches her class as usual. Wes inquires about the picture and what she is going to do with it. She promises him she will handle it and to reminds him not to tell anyone. Later, at the office, the students hear the case of Annalise’s latest client a boy who killed his father for abusing him and his mother for years. The boy’s father is also cop making his defense extremely hard. Annalise’s tactics lie in jury selection as she and the prosecution carefully decide who to admit and dismiss from duty in the case. Annalise suffers a blow to the case when the judge refuses to admit claims of abuse into the case being that they could be biased and fallible. Additionally, because neither the boy or his mother reported any abuse it looks even more questionable. In reaction, Annalise has the students read over the boy’s three year long blog entries to find any signs of abuse.


1400.1x1 (2)
Charlie Weber as “Frank”

Flash forward and Frank tries to locate Laurel so he can talk and apologize to her but she rebuffs his advances. The students begin their assault on the jury. Laurel purposely leaves information about nullification to a juror much to Frank’s chagrin, while Connor gets a juror dismissed after finding a post of his on a gay sex app. Laurel saves the day when a witness tries to accuse the boy of wanting to kill his father in the lyrics of a song he had written three years prior. She finds those same lyrics in his blog where abuse had been reported via the blog. In light of this, the judge allows the abuse argument into the case resulting in a mistrial. The boy’s case will be transferred to juvenile court where he will most likely get probation and community service. Annalise goes to see Nate where he accuses her of betraying him again to get Rebecca’s confession tape and reveals he lied to her about Sam’s whereabouts the night of Lila’s murder. She realizes Bonnie has protecting Sam and confronts her. Bonnie apologizes but she is clearly now on Annalise’s “shit list.” Laurel and Frank find themselves alone together with the former trying to finish some work. She accuses and confronts him for her choosing her based on his attraction to her. After a brief argument they kiss, but she pulls away and leaves to see her boyfriend. She has sex with him in the library. At home, Annalise asks Frank was he at Yale when Lila was murdered. He admits he was not and cancelled the lecture when she called him suicidal. She believes he did not murder her but is still angry about the affair and makes him sleep on the sofa.

Kate Findlay as "Rebecca"
Kate Findlay as “Rebecca”

Wes brings Rebecca to see Annalise at her home, Later, Rebecca freaks out and tries to jump bail. She tells Wes the wallpaper in their house is the same wallpaper the guy who was sexting Lila had. She believes he is in league with Annalise and Sam. Wes confronts Annalise and realizes her husband and “Mr. Darcey” are one in the same!  A Laurel themed episode really was not so bad! Our little wallflower proved she has some guts, even going toe to toe with Annalise. However, you just know she is probably how any cut throat lawyer started out. Still, the question of who killed Sam and Lila is getting juicier by the moment. Kudos to “Humper” and Shonda’s refusal to give Grindr a proper plug in. I guess she is not completely liberal!




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