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How To Get Away With Murder- “Hello Raskolnikov”

How To Get Away With Murder- “Hello Raskolnikov”

“How To Get Away With Murder” is back! The show begins with Annalise being questioned by the police about Sam’s whereabouts. She mentally recounts the events that have happened over the last day. She uses Nate as her alibi to avoid further suspicion. She also recounts giving Wes instructions on how to cover up Sam’s murder, feeling he deserves what happened to him while holding herself personally responsible for getting them into this mess. Now, she is determined to get the charges against Rebecca dismissed. The police decide they want to speak with Bonnie and the students, Annalise asks her to remain there while she speaks with Nate. He comforts her telling all will be well. Back at Annalise’s home Wes tries to convince Michaela and Connor to keep calm and stick to the story they have concocted. Annalise arrives and informs them the exam is still on as scheduled. Inside Annalise pushes Wes to keep the secret of her involvement. She pegs her hopes on Lila having been pregnant with Sam’s baby and a DNA test proving it. She also thinks his laptop will further incriminate him. She calms Wes down and he gives her Sam’s wedding band. The District Attorney arrives to intimidate and mock her, she is determined as ever to put Rebecca behind bars!


Annalise puts the students on assignment to pin Lila’s murder on Sam! She tells them they will have to attain his laptop and establish proof he was with Lila the night of her murder. The students inform her the police took his laptop, to which Annalise sends Asher and Bonnie to retrieve it. Things remain awkward between them as he wants to continue seeing Bonnie, but she is hesitant. Bonnie discovers The D.A. has blocked their retrieval of the laptop. Annalise and The D.A. both fight over the case in closed quarters in front of the judge. She decides the laptop is not to be used and has reservations about Annalise incriminating her husband. Outside, The D.A. warns her about coming off as “crazy.” The police continue their investigation and question asking Bonnie the students their whereabouts the night of Sam’s disappearance. They begin with Bonnie, who informs them of Sam’s conniving and adulterous ways. Later, while interviewing Asher he uses sex with Bonnie as his alibi and location. She admonishes him for revealing that and tells him what happened between them was a mistake.


Connor enlists Oliver’s aide in finding out where Sam was the night of Lila’s murder based on his credit card transactions. The results are inconclusive, prompting them to pin their hopes on the DNA test. Laurel tells everyone Sam backed his phone information up on his laptop and if they could get it, it would also reveal his location via GPS. Charlie delivers the DNA test to Annalise, proving Sam fathered her baby–she is elated. Rebecca tells the students Sam met with Lila at an abortion clinic. She and The D.A. meet in front of the judge again. There, Annalise convinces the judge to request video footage from the clinic to prove if they were indeed there and if he was upset she would not go through with the procedure. The footage shows Sam is irate with Lila and a nurse witnessing the whole thing. The nurse testifies in court of how angry Sam was. This coupled with the DNA test prompts the judge to release the laptop. On it, Sam’s locations reveal he was with Lila the night and time she was murdered. The charges against Rebecca are dropped.


Michaela and Connor decide to change their story and implicate Wes and Rebecca in Sam’s murder to save themselves. They try to get Laurel to take their side but she informs Wes who reveals Annalise’s involvement. He convinces her to meet them at the precinct and stop them before they do anything that would potentially ruin their lives. She is successful. Wes and Connor both both give alibis that imply Sam was aloof and they did not know him well enough. The next day, the students begin to move on with their lives and take their final exam. Sam’s sister arrives in town, determined to prove her brother is not a murderer!



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