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How To Get Away With Murder- “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me”

How To Get Away With Murder- “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me”

The past and present finally sync in the latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder.” Annalise and Sam have the argument to end all arguments when she reveals she has asked The District Attorney’s office to do a DNA on Lila’s unborn child. He berates her for her selfishness and she in turn challenges him on his truthfulness and manhood. He reveals he only married her because she was an “easy lay who liked rough, dirty sex!” She in turn reveals her affair with Nate, but does not mention his name. He tells her she is a hypocrite and they begin to fight. He chokes her against the wall and she begs him to kill her, but he relents. They part ways with her leaving the house. Later, Michaela comes by with the justice trophy in hand. She insists on seeing Annalise despite Sam hinting that now is not a good time. As they talk, Rebecca sneaks into the house and tries to creep past them up the stairs until Michaela notices her. She tells Michaela to call Wes and then runs up the stairs with Sam in hot pursuit. She locks herself in the bedroom and places Nate’s jump drive into the computer to download all of his information.

Kate Findlay as "Rebecca"
Kate Findlay as “Rebecca”

Michaela frantically calls Wes who is with Connor and Laurel, they immediately head to Annalise’s home. Sam breaks down the door to the bedroom so Rebecca runs into the bathroom. Wes and the others’ arrival temporarily stops Sam’s pursuit. Wes assures Rebecca it is safe to come out. As he escorts Rebecca past Sam he lunges at her trying to get his computer back. He fights the students off and then charges Michaela, who unwittingly flips him off the upstairs banister to the downstairs floor. He appears to be dead. The students and Rebecca go downstairs to check on him. There, Wes reveals that he may have killed Lila and that Annalise already knows it. Sam suddenly wakes up and begins choking Rebecca. Wes smacks him over the head with the trophy, killing him! Now all the Flash forwards from previous episodes begin to piece together. We find Wes apologizing to Sam for killing him, and the students finally dispose of his remains in a garbage dumpster miles away from where they burnt his corpse. Michaela tries to find her engagement ring to no avail.



Elsewhere, Annalise goes to see Nate while his wife is in the hospital. She reveals he was right and that she believes her husband did kill Lila. They make amends and end up having sex up against the wall in his living room. Later that night, she calls Sam unaware he is already dead, apologizing for her actions and wanting to make amends. Meanwhile, Bonnie has had a night of wild sex with a stranger at a bar and then Asher. When she receives Annalise’s call about Frank she immediately heads to see her with Asher in tow (albeit distantly).

Liza Weil as "Bonnie Winterbottom"
Liza Weil as “Bonnie Winterbottom”

The next day, each of the students find themselves trying to cover their tracks. Connor lies to Oliver, telling him his rantings and ravings were the result of a drug addiction. Michaela makes amends with her future mother-in-law, by apologizing and handing her signed pre-nup papers. Finally, Frank reveals to Laurel he and his girlfriend broke up. She in turn asks him to sneak the justice trophy back into Asher’s home. Wes and Rebecca get a hotel room. He awakens to find her gone and begins to panic. She returns with coffee. He destroys her jump drive, not wanting it to implicate them in the crime and is reminded of Laurel’s warning that illegally downloading information from a computer is a felony. Later that morning, Wes joins the other students at the office. Annalise tells them Sam is missing and that the police are on their way. She wants all of them to be as truthful as possible with the authorities. It is revealed in a flashback when Wes arrives that Annalise was there when he returned to apologize to Sam for killing him. She tells him not be…



This was one helluva winter finale! Wes killed Sam! Even though it was self-defense the fact they covered it up is one big ass conspiracy that will affect this show for some time to come. Nevertheless, none of these kids grew up watching a single scary movie. Do they not know the killer is never truly dead the first time? Then, the way Wes is fawning over Rebecca has become so annoying. She has him caught up and is going to get him even more caught up. Let’s hope the show lives up to its title, because they all really will now have to know “How To Get Away With Murder!” See you January 29th!



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