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How To Get Away With Murder- “Let’s Get To Scooping”

How To Get Away With Murder- “Let’s Get To Scooping”

The latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder” began with a Flash Forward from Connor as he desperately tries to snap Michaela out of her emotional shock and paralysis at the scene of Frank’s murder. Asher tries to get them into reclaim the justice trophy from Michaela. They all hide from him instead. Flash forward and Connor once again seducs Oliver and arrives late in court. There, the judge decides to keep Rebecca in custody and set her bail at one million dollars. Wes pleads with her to tell him the code to Lila’s cell phone. Annalise tries desperately to reach Rebecca and get her to tell everything that happened with the case and why she confessed to murdering Liza. She confesses her innocence and affirms Wes was right. Annalise admonishes him for his behavior with Rebecca and demands to know everything he told her. He withholds information about the phone. The other law students stress over exams with Michaela trying to barter notes with Laurel. Annalise takes Wes off Rebecca’s case and takes the students to meet her client, Marin Trudeau accused of insider trading. When they arrive they find her office is being ransacked by the FBI. Marin burns their search warrant in protest, the officer in turn reveals her connection to the CEO of the pharmaceutical company she traded with in a sex tape.

Connor and Oliver

Liza Weil as "Bonnie Winterbottom"
Liza Weil as “Bonnie Winterbottom”

Bonnie tries to get her hands on Rebecca’s confession tape, but the prosecutor refuses to budge. Annalise does her best to keep Marin’s case out of trial. She believes there is a traitor within Marin’s company, but the latter refuses to accept it. Annalise in turn puts the students to work to discover who the mole may be. Marin becomes angry with Annalise for investigating her employees, revealing she knows very little about the latter and wonders who she trusts. Annalise continues to have reservations about Frank. As the latter leaves home for a dinner Nate checks out his car still investigating his connection to Lila’s murder. Frank catches him, but buys his alibi about trying to help him. Bonnie, however, recognizes him and goes to the precinct the next day with that knowledge. She coerces the department to give her Rebecca’s tape. They are all met with various road blocks and little success until their stories come together to form a likely alliance between three of Marin’s employees. Connor is up to his usual antics and seduces Marin’s assistant in the copy room, doing things to “his that made his eyes water.”Unbeknownst to the assistant Connor has left behind a tape recorder which overhears the assistant’s conversation and betrayal of Marin. After interrogating the three employees; two are arrested and mocked by Marin, while the commits suicide by jumping out of a window. Connor its wrecked with guilt and goes to see Oliver to calm down and “relax.” The latter discovers the tape recorder and overhears him having sex on it. He furiously makes him leave.

Flash forward, and Connor has lost his mind. Furiously hacking up Frank’s corpse with a psychotic thrill. Afterwards, he goes to see Oliver and tells him he has screwed up so bad. He collapses onto the floor crying. In court, Rebecca’s bail is reduced to 10K dollars, much to everyone’s release. Annalise’s firm covers the bail. Back at their apartment building Wes again asks Rebecca what is on Liza’s phone. He immediately takes the information to Annalise and assures her no one beside himself, Rebecca, and her know what is on the phone. That night as Annalise prepares for bed she interrogates her husband asking him (in nine infamous words): “How did a picture of your penis end up on a dead girl’s phone?”

Kate Findlay as "Rebecca"
Kate Findlay as “Rebecca”

Well, needless to say Connor is a THOT. This man’s antics make the average side chick or gold digger look like a saint. I really do feel bad for Oliver, but he played himself. Now, as for everyone hating their boss this definitely applies to Bonnie. I believe not only has she slept with Frank, she probably also killed Liza, furious because she was the second “other woman.” Think about it she felt cheated on. As for Annalise, if they show her without her wig or make up again I might just fall out!


Next Week—>Frank attacks Annalise


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