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How To Get Away With Murder- “She’s A Murderer”

How To Get Away With Murder- “She’s A Murderer”

Annalise really has to step her game up on How To Get Away With Murder as the police announce they have discovered Sam’s remains! The students all fear they have been found out as they learn of it via the news. Annalise and Hannah’s dinner is interrupted as the police deliver the news to them in person. Hannah breaks down, accusing Annalise of murdering her brother and demands the police take her in. The next morning, Annalise warns Nate not to talk to the police, fearing they will try to delve into their relationship. Another professor has subbed for her in class, as the university believed she would want to be off considering everything that has happened. She quickly dismisses him and teaches them a lesson on fourth amendment rights against self-incrimination. Wes receives a letter from the grandmother of the former tenant of his apartment. He begins to wonder what happened to him and why she thinks he still lives there.



Annalise goes to see one of her clients to convince him to continue to allow her to work his case. As members of the mob they are accused of transporting heroine and were indicted by the Feds. Annalise assures them she can win their case, despite their reservations about the ongoing trouble in her personal life. Hannah goes to speak with the detective presiding over Sam’s case. There, she tells her that Annalise is violent and has threatened to kill him before. The detective looks into getting a search warrant for the Keating’s home based on probable cause. She also sees pictures of Sam’s remains. Annalise sets the students out on their new case to get their client’s case thrown out based on corrupt insight. Wes, however is discovered to find the former tenant. Asher and Frank discover the Feds arrived too early to randomly search for the heroine in a barrel, they had to be tipped off! They immediately begin to search for any employee that might have a reason to frame their client. Laurel discovers one employee claimed to be going to Chile, but instead stayed in town.


Despite Bonnie’s efforts she is bested in court by Hannah and the search warrant is secured. The police thoroughly check her house, even the spot where Sam lay dead in his own blood. Conner questions Annalise’s ability to protect them, but she assures him she and he are alike and she will save them; as she is their best hope. In court, Annalise brings the former employee to court as a surprise witness. He reveals the federal prosecutor offered him citizenship if he helped them frame her client. The charges are tossed out and she even gets him to accuse the prosecutor of coercion. The prosecutor warns her to be careful about meddling in federal affairs. She in turn warns him about angering the mob! Bonnie pieces together what has happened to Sam and warns Annalise she will not get away with this without implicating the students and talking to the police. Annalise falls into depression.


The detective brings Annalise in for questioning as they have found evidence in the woods. The students all fear for their freedom as she is brought in. When it is announced they have found a ring in the woods Michaela begins to panic. Instead, it is Sam’s ring with a fingerprint on it–Nate’s fingerprint! Annalise has Frank frame him by lifting his fingerprint from a glass onto the ring. Nate is arrested and treated as the primary suspect in Sam’s murder. Hannah believes Annalise knew all along. The students are relieved to be safe again.



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