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How To Get Away With Murder- “Smile, Or Go To Jail”

How To Get Away With Murder- “Smile, Or Go To Jail”

“How To Get Away With Murder” truly showed us how to fake it ’til we make it, with a smile in tow! This episode stakes rose higher and even more secrets and revelations came to the surface. This time around Annalise and Michaela were to the forefront when it came to the drama and suspense. The series again began with a flash forward to Sam’s murder scene. Michaela is paralyzed with fear. Plotting to get rid of a body and her involvement with the crime have placed her in mental shock. Laurel and Connor try desperately to get through to her. Flash back and we find Michaela making love to her fiance, Aiden. He works for the mayor in New York City and seems to be deeply in love with her. He even jokes about being a stay at home dad so she can pursue her dreams. Wes tries to get info from the police to help Rebecca but he is denied because he is not a lawyer. He sees Griffin being released. The university tries to enlist Annalise to get Griffin off. She tells them she will think about it; only doing so until she knows whether Sam was involved in Lila’s murder or not. Nate finds Sam’s alibi has holes in it. He was never at the elcture he was suppose to be at when Lila was murdered.

Michaela and her fiance, Aiden
Michaela and her fiance, Aiden

Michaela and Aiden’s romantic antics cause her to be late to Annalise’s office. She introduces him to Annalise and the other interns, but the former dismisses him and tells her not to be late again while Connor reveals they share a past. Apparently, he and Aiden went to boarding school together. He tells Michaela he always though he would end up wearing Connor’s ring. Wes tries to get Connor to get his “IT friend” to unlock the mystery cell phone for him. At the precinct, Annalise meets her new client, Paula Murphy, and gets her off on some prostitution charges, assuring her no one will ever know. As they leave the building FBI SUVs corner them and take her into custody. They reveal she is Elena Agular, a bomber!  It is revealed she was apart of an anti-globalization group known as The Red Letter Brigade. Naturally, her husband is furious. She is offered a plea deal of ten years, but Annalise believes she can win this. Connor implies to Michaela that Aiden is keeping a secret from her. Connor loses his chance to win Annlise’s trophy when he doubts her ability to get Elena off. Elena’s former cohorts all sell her out in court. Annalise uses a brainwash defense to help Elena. She tells Frank to find Gabriel, the leader of the Red Letter Brigade. Asher offers his assistance and gets the information they need. Annalise speaks to the judge and they decide to see Gabriel with Elena in the morning to persuade him to testify on her behalf. Connor tells Michaela that Aiden is eye candy. Rebecca’s cell phone rings in Wes’s bag, he learns it is Lila’s phone!



Flashing forward, the interns cover their tracks by having an alibi. They celebrate with the other students on campus at the bonfire and take pictures to prove they were there. Connor forces Michaela to take a picture with him, telling her to “Smile, or go to jail.” Gabriel and Elena meet  and their chemistry is instant. They hold hands and he agrees to testify in her favor on the stand. On the ride back Elena is thrilled to have reconnected to Gabriel and admits she misses the thrill of her former life. Annalise hears Griffin’s back story, forcing Wes make a fake ID to talk to Rebecca. He manages to get on and see her but she blows his cover! Annalise gets him out and listens as he laments about Rebecca will not get a fair deal. At a local pub where the lawyers hang out, Connor forces Aiden to reveal they had sex. Michaela is furious and demands he leaves that night. Back in court, Gabriel double crosses Elena and tells the jury she was the mastermind behind the bombing. During a brief recess Elena disappears from the courthouse and is nowhere to be found. Annalise is forced to tell the court she has ran away. Elena gets on a bus and meets Gabriel there. They runaway together. Flash forward, and Michaela has lost her engagement ring at the crime scene! Flash back, and she and Aiden discuss his past. He assures her there were no other men and she will not be embarassed to marry him. She takes him back. In class, Wes receives the trophy for trying to help Rebecca much to the other interns’ chagrin. Nate meets with Annalise and lies about Sam’s alibi. She tells him she misses him, but he rebuffs her advances and tells her to go home to her husband. Annalise advises Michaela to be very careful who she decides to marry.

Connor implies to Michaela they have something in common

This episode has so many twists! The rivalry between Michael and Connor has reached a fever pitch! Michaela learning her man had sex with another man is a lot to swallow for any woman.  Remember ladies a lie of omission is still a lie. Know your man through and through! Needless to say it makes the show. Is it me or does Wes always look lost and confused. I am dying for the boy to shed his “Peter Parker” and become “Spider-Man.” Then again the Ultimate Version of Spider-Man, Miles Morales, is Blatino!



Next Week—> Wes’s antics motivate Rebecca into a recorded confession, Connor hooks up with someone, Annalise’s last nine words of the episode will change everything!



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