Yesterday morning Power 105.1 Breakfast Club awarded Azalea Banks “Donkey of the Day” for her unfortunate social media run-in with Southern Rapper, T.I. The extremely critical Charlemagne The God went in on Ms.Banks for the continual controversy she always seems to be in the center of.


This time Azalea came out the gate at Tiny and T.I. Over his new song ‘Mediocre’. She took to Twitter calling T.I out, and saying there was a clear discrepancy between Tiny and his supposed standards  detailed in his song ‘Mediocre’.  Banks went on about the illusions Rappers create, and the deluded views Rappers have of women.

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Being the family man he is, T.I. Didn’t hesitate to defend his wife’s honor. I mean he swung on an undefeated boxer over the woman, Azalea Banks is light work! TIP hit Instagram with a photo of Azalea Banks and rattled off a slew of stomach churning insults in the caption.

azalea banks, ti, twitter, breakfast club, charlemagne the god, donkey of the day

Charlemagne The God hopped on the bandwagon bashing Azalea and listing myriad number of other notable celebrities she’s had run-ins with. He referenced her ongoing rivalry with Iggy Azalea and how Iggy is winning at number one and two on the charts right now. Charlemagne advised Banks to quit being a twitter thug and “get back to work” cause she’s losing in the artist race. He went on to say how his twitter feed was full of inquiring minds wondering just who Azalea Banks was.

I must agree with Charlemagne on this one. If Azalea Banks spent more time on her craft rather then stirring the social media pot her career might be doing slightly better. I mean honestly when is the last time we’ve heard an Azalea Banks song on the radio? I’ll wait.  In the words of YouTube sensation Chris Crocker, “keep it cute or put it on mute” Azalea. Check out all Charlemagne had to say here, and comment below.

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