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What to Get Your Boo for Valentines Day Based on Their Zodiac Sign

What to Get Your Boo for Valentines Day Based on Their Zodiac Sign

Valentines Day is around the corner and if you’re one of the fortunate people to have a significant other for Tuesday’s lover’s appreciation day and can’t figure out a gift, try buying one based on their for a change.

Valentines DayElleDecor.com asked astrological expert Ophira Edut of AstroStyle about what your zodiac sign says about your preferences.

  1. AIRES “Aires is a fire sign, so they like action and adventure. They like over-the-top things, and they’re always the first to try things.” Gift: Adventure Experience 
  2. TAURUS “They like sophisticated, luxurious things like a nice bottle of wine or really good perfume — high-quality, traditional gifts. Avoid any big, flashy labels.” Gift: High-Quality Wine
  3. GEMINI “Geminis are very interactive and fun. They like something cultural, like concert tickets or ‘Hamilton’ tickets. They’d also like a gadget, or something else they can talk about. Stay away from traditional gifts like a dozen roses.” Gift: Concert Tickets
  4. CANCER “Cancers are really sentimental. They’re the ones who will like the framed photos, all the sort of romantic trappings. They rule the home, so something for the kitchen or for relaxing in the house would be nice.” Gift: Framed Photo
  5. LEO “They’re the blingy, pull-out-all-the-stops sign. They will take the long-stemmed red roses and the bling — the gold, the jewels (Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner are Leos). Never, ever miss a Valentine’s Day with a Leo, and make sure there’s a handwritten note.” Gift: Bling Jewlery

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    Photo: Blue Nile
  6. VIRGO “They’re very practical and they’re fussy about their tastes. So either really make sure you know what they want, or get them a gift certificate. They also take care of everybody else but not always themselves, so try a spa certificate.” Gift: Gift Card
  7. LIBRA “Libras are also very romantic, but not flashy. They like pretty, delicate things like white roses or a nice delicate piece of jewelry, like a little chain necklace. The men also will wear pastel colors a lot, so you could do a pink tie or pocket square for them. It’s a softer version of what Leo would want.” Gift: White Roses
  8. SCORPIO “Scorpio has the reputation as the sex sign. They like a little mystery, so usually anything black will usually work for the Scorpio — lingerie, silk boxers or large, expensive sunglasses. Anna Wintour and P. Diddy are also Scorpios.” Gift: Sunglasses
  9.  SAGITTARIUS “Sag is a global sign and definitely not into the mushy, gushy stuff. They want to have adventures. So plane tickets for them, but if you can’t buy a trip, travel accessories like a passport holder.” Gift: Passport Holder
  10. CAPRICORN “They have a quiet quality. Everyone always says they’re the workaholic sign, and they do like something nice for their desk like a nice keychain, wallet or letter opener. They like well-crafted, bespoke things that are made by hand.” Gift: Letter Opener
  11. AQUARIUS “They are quirky and bohemian, but they also like new technology. So for them, try a wearable fitness gadget, because they also tend to be into being in shape and being active or sporty.” Gift: Wearable Tech zodiac sign Valentines Day Gift
  12. PISCES “They are romantic, but also kind of spiritual. A hand-dyed silk pillowcase or candles would work — anything to add the romantic, sensual, spiritual vibe.” Gift: Candle

Do you agree? Would your sign like to receive the gifts associated with your zodiac? Leave comments below.


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