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Get Celebrity Skin Now

Get Celebrity Skin Now

Sure we want their money and fame, but if they look great, we want their skin too!


We are told to never judge a book by its cover, but we do. You are your own novel and your skin is the cover to your story. You want to look fabulous and spectacular in your everyday life. You fancy people to want to learn more about you just from looking at you. This is the true power of beautiful skin: it draws attention! Wouldn’t you want someone to read you? Sure, but only in the good way. One way to get eyes on you would be your skin. Having a good skincare routine will do wonders for your self-esteem and your skin. Some of the most coveted skin belongs to those with fame and money. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a celebrity to get good skin. Granted, sometimes it can be pricey, but somethings you can do and not break the bank.


Kim Kardashian-West

Hate her or love her, she does have nice skin. She is known for seeking treatments that allow her to have good skin. We all know about her infamous picture of the “vampire facial.” At the time, it was different, revolutionary, to the common folks, and bloody. Although it was a great IG moment at the time, she has stated that she will not be doing it anytime soon due to the level of pain.

Equally painful, with respect to the pockets, is her actual skin care routine at home. According to a video from People Magazine, the total cost of the products/services used by Kardashian-West is $3,028. The most expensive item(s) used are La Mer sheet masks $250 for six sheets, La Mer Perfecting Treatment $240, Guerlain Orichidee Imperiale-The Longevity concentrate $510.


Pharrell Williams

His routine is actually easy to follow, and the cheapest amount those listed. Pharrell stated in an interview that the secret to his ageless look is exfoliation and drinking water. When it comes to exfoliating, you can either go for physical or chemical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation uses acids to get rid of dead skin, while physical exfoliation requires something to remove the dead skin, well, physically, like microdermabrasion. You can do that at home, a spa, or a dermatologist.

Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko revealed the methods used to get her lovely skin. On social media she stated that she gets Fraxel treatments twice a year, uses Alastin skin care, CeraV facial wash, IS clinical serums, Lancer scrub, Circell ab serum. Aiko also mentioned that she takes collagen pills, super food by Dr. Shulzes, apple cider vinegar, kangen water and birth control for issues with cystic acne. Her routine is a bit less extensive, when compared to Kardashian-West, but it looks as if Aiko’s skin routine is based half on internal efforts and half on external efforts. It should be noted that she stated the Fraxel hurts and others have stated it may not be the best treatment for darker skin tones.

Jhene Aiko, Clean Scalp, Box braids, protective style, natural hair, kontrol mag, kontrol beauty, healthy hair, beautyKelis

The “Bossy” singer is a fan of collagen. Equally, she loves a good vitamin c serum, according to a Fader interview by Juliana Pache. She also avoids using soap to wash her face because it becomes too drying to her skin. Kelis even uses royal jelly, which is a honey based product. For Kelis, the glow simply comes from hydrating her skin and making sure the moisture is locked in.


The most cost effective skin care routines go to Kelis and Pharrell. Simplicity has served them very well. Clearly the most expensive routine goes to Kim Kardashian-West, only to be followed by Jhene Aiko. They too have great skin. If you are curious about the treatments, do research to make sure they would be beneficial to you and your skin. Also, to glow like the stars, you must have a good skin care routine that works for your skin. If you do not know where to start, just follow the tried and true method of cleanse, tone, moisturize and sunscreen!


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