Get Your First Look! Gal Gadot as “Wonder Woman” in Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice!

Titans will clash and the Earth will shake when Batman and Superman face off in 2016’s “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (BVSDJ)!” Naturally, we expected to see lots of scenes with The Dark Knight and Man Of Steel fighting, but fans everywhere were thrilled to learn a few other superheroes would be making appearances in the film. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Nightwing are confirmed to appear; but of these three heroes only Wonder Woman has garnered a great deal of controversy. Many fans did/do not feel Gal Gadot has the powerful, Amazonian physique as Wonder Woman and there was greater controversy surrounding her costume. Would she be portrayed realistically in armor and covered, or would she be in her traditionally skimpy attire. It has taken an eternity to get any visuals from “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice!” Luckily, in honor of Comic-Con, Warner Bros. studios has finally released images of Gal Gadot as “Wonder Woman,” fully costumed!



The costume seems to be as realistic as one would expect from Wonder Woman while staying true to the character’s origins. She is an almost immortal Amazon raised by warrior women who worshiped the Greek gods. The costume reflects the times in which she might have been born, the traditions of a Grecco-Roman culture, shows off her physique, and protects her vital parts. If you check out most of the character’s previous costumes they offer little to none of what has been mentioned. She looks like a swim suit model instead of a fearsome superhuman combatant. The sole flaw I truly find is the absence of her Lasso of Truth. This is her signature weapon! Her not having her lasso is like Batman without his utility belt or Thor without Mjolnir! Hopefully, with this just being a teaser, we will see it appear at some point in the film. BVSDJ is suppose to be the film leading us to Justice League movie. Let’s just hope Gal Gadot pulls her weight as this iconic heroine. There are, after all, other actresses willing to do what it takes to bring Wonder Woman to the Big Screen!




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