Get Fit Friday!

If you have spent any time on IG recently, you’ve seen some of the latest inch loss trends to hit the streets. Well, we’ve tried a few (and a few are on our list). Let’s talk about what works, what doesn’t and what waist?!

Detox body wraps.                                                                                                       Claim: 6-20 inch loss in one wrap.                                                                                 Work or nah? WORK!


I have had a few recently and they are the truth! You must drink water plus working out with moderate diet helps speed up your results, but you are guaranteed to see inch loss.

How it works: you sweat out toxins in your skin, which then constricts as a result. The more water you drink before and after, the more inch loss you see. Exercise and eating right expedite your results (shocker).

Best part: inch loss is permanent if your weight does not increase.

Pro PX by Fina Flex. (Supplements)                                                                       Claim: Help burn belly fat, increase energy, suppress appetite.                   Work or nah? Somewhat.


I have been using these for a week now. I definitely have more energy to power through my workouts, and have reduced that “fluffy” feeling in my “pooch” area. However, I am always hungry, so I cannot claim a suppressed appetite.

Best part: Try taking thirty minutes before your workout; I sweat like crazy and easily bust out an hour-long cardio session.

Waist Eraser By Ka’oir Fitness.                                                                                     Claim: spot reduce waistline, burn 150 calories every 40 minutes. Work or nah? Maybe.


CEO of Ka’oir Fitness and Ka’oir Cosmetics Keyshia Ka’oir just introduced this product this week so she is her only testimonial so far. However her 21-inch waist is compelling enough for me to pick one up. The stretchy fabric appears infinitely more comfortable than most waist cinchers out there and at $55, it is a steal compared to most corsets. Here again, she advocates portion control, regular workouts and minimal alcohol to see maximum results. We will keep you posted on our progress with this.

Photos courtesy of, Keyshia Ka’oir’s Instagram and @the_real_naynay’s Instagram