Get Flawless Skin Like Celebrities

Flawless skin is something everyone desires. Some make home remedies, while others make excessive beauty hauls trying to find the right product for their skin.  So how is it that celebrities like Zoe Saldana, Rhianna, and Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima have great, amazing skin while others are in search of it?

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The secret behind their flawless skin, is the fundamental steps of skin care–If you don’t know, follow this skin care guide to get your skin in top shape!

Step 1- Identify your Skin Type: Before you do anything, you must figure out your skin type. There are five main types: Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination and Sensitive. Once you find out what you are,  congratulations–you can find the “it,” product for you.

Step 2- Cleanse: A cleanser will gently remove any oils, dirt, and day to day debris that may have landed on you. This step is crucial as it will help prevent breakouts in the long run.

Step 3- Exfoliate: This step should only happen once a week. This is a deeper cleanse that removes any dead skin cells, dirt that may have gone deeper than the surface and can help with dark spots. This can be done with products containing exfoliating beads, scrubs, sugars and masks. It can also happen through materials such as face clothes, or facial cleansing brushes. Exfoliating more than once a week can cause irritation, so don’t over so it.

Step 4- Tone: Struggling with huge pores? This may be the holy grail of your face wash ritual. Toners shrink the appearance of large pores and give the skin the bounce and tightness it should have.

Step 5- Moisturize: Because washing the face removes all of the dirt, debris and moisture from your face, it must be replaced with good moisturizer. To prevent cracking, irritation, redness and discomfort be sure to complete your face wash route with a quality moisturizer.


Follow these steps and you’ll have flawless skin just like the stars!

Victoria Webster

Beauty Writer

Natural Hair lover and product junkie, Victoria is a beauty writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. As a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University, she has worked with different publications including Cleveland Magazine and The Call and Post Newspapers. She loves all things related to health and beauty. When she's not working, you can catch her looking for new beauty products to try on naturally curly hair or browsing the web for the latest beauty trends and products to feature on her website

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