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Get Into It: Top 5 Brands That Went BOOM!

It’s such an accomplishment to create a clothing brand and have it blow up right before your eyes. Not only are people loving and buying it, but everything that you create is either on the back of a celebrity or in the pages of a publication. That’s exactly what happened to these brands.

Here are 5 brands that have crossed the threshold and have become great brands that celebrities are wearing and the industry is celebrating.

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NYC-based retail store KITH has been knocking it out of the park lately. Established in 2010 by founder Ronnie Fieg, KITH originally operated as a retail store that sold some of the top streetwear brands. However, in 2012 Ronnie, a sneaker designer, decided to create his own apparel.

The lifestyle brand has become very popular among celebrities like Victor CruzChad “Ochocinco” Johnson, and even Scottie Pippen and Lebron James. Both basketball legends have gon so far to have collaborated with the brand on several products.

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Speaking of collaborations, KITH also boasts one of the best track records when it comes to collaborating with other brands to produce amazing collections. They’re a noted to have collaborated with Nike, Puma, New Balance, adidas, Bergdorf Goodman, ChampionOFF-WHITE, ClarksTimberland, and Moncler. One of their most recent successful collaborative collections was with Coca-Cola which featured many apparel and accessory items that customers went crazy over.

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They also placed a lot of collaborative pieces in their Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection, which premiered this past New York Fashion Week.

5d04b how streetwears biggest brands got their names 20Stampd

Stampd started out as nothing but a college dream, created by founder Chris Stamp. However, now it’s a well-respected menswear lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles. Stampd is known for it’s simple but stylish designs. Their clothing is usually white, black, or grey.

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Chris developed the concept for the brand in while studying graphic design. Originally, he created a business plan for a custom footwear brand and started selling hand-painted Chuck Taylors out of his apartment. The brand went from being solely distributed online to now having a retail location in Los Angeles. They’ve even given a fashion presentation during this year’s New York Fashion Week.

With 20% of their customer base is women, Chris is working on bringing more options for womenswear.

miami 27 fogFear of God

Who would have imagined that someone with no prior fashion experience could create an influential clothing line? Jerry Lorenzo created Fear of God out of nothing but an idea.

The 39-year-old father originally worked in nightlife and marketing for sports-related companies. While shopping for a client for image purposes, he realized that there were no items in stores that he wanted his client to wear. So, he decided to create the looks himself. His first designs were sleeveless hoodies and long tees that were far more comfortable and masculine than the ones made by major designers.

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His big break came in the form of Big Sean’s stylist who was a friend of his wife. The stylist pulled some of his clothing for Sean, which got back to Kanye West. From there, Kanye brought Lorenzo on to work on projects and create merch for tours. Over time, Fear of God attracted Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, and Kendall Jenner.

Last year, Jerry moved his business from his home to a renovated warehouse. He keeps a small team and doesn’t operate the same way that most designers and labels. Instead of keeping a calendar or schedule, he produces clothing as they are ready. He has never done a fashion show or presentation and doesn’t intend on ever doing one. Most of all he doesn’t consider himself a designer.

His most recent accomplishment was an entire collection inspired by the Miami Marlins‘ 1997 World Series Championship, a moment that his father was apart of.

other banner OFF-WHITE

OFF-WHITE is taking the fashion industry by storm. The brand is recognized everywhere, especially by major fashion institutions. One of the most exciting things that OFF-White is known for is its collaborations, which are rooted in the brand’s existence. Creator Virgil Abloh started off printing images and text over preexisting creations by other notable brands. Now, his ability to reconstruct the designs or others is sort of his signature. His goal is to use OFF-White as a bridge between streetwear and haute couture.

21 Savage 14 ccpc31Virgil has maintained an office in Milan for five years, however, he didn’t actually start using it until recently. That’s because for him the world is his office and the phone is the only office supply that is necessary. Like some many recent emerging designers, Virgil has no background in fashion. He started off as an engineer in college and then became a DJ. His creative vision later earned him a spot in Kanye West’s creative circle.

Today, OFF-White has retail locations in Hong Kong, London, Paris, Toronto, Beijing, Toyko, and New York. However, Milan is still their base due to the premium quality of design.


Supreme is the New York-based streetwear brand monster that is killing the game. Founded by James Jebbia as a skateboard shop back in 1994, the brand has evolved into a major part of urban culture.

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Not only is the brand’s clothing popular, but the lifestyle items that it releases with each collection are just as coveted. Their stores feature massive lines around the block at all times. By the way, Supreme’s merchandise is only available via their online store and their physical locations. They also only have six stores located in Los Angeles, Japan, London. Paris, and two in New York.

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Currently, Supreme is the considered the definition of NYC street style. Everyone from Madonna to 2Chainz has something created by this brand. This year alone it has raked in a boatload of cash and is now making billion-dollar moves. Who would have thought that a little skateboard shop could do all of that?

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