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Stewart By Stewart

Within the last couple of years, a shift has occurred in men’s fashion. Prior to this shift, designers poured more of their creativity into womenswear. When constructing collections for men they chose to limit the amount of time and thought that they put into the clothing. However, men have recently started to demand more creative designs, styles, prints, patterns, and various materials put into their clothes. In response, the fashion world decided to create a supply to this demand, creating a resurgence in menswear. One of the designers who recognized this trend early on was Sydney Stewart, the founder and creative force behind Stewart By Stewart.

Stewart By Stewart is a menswear clothing line that focuses on providing men creative options for their everyday lives. The line caters to men who are uncompromising when it comes to fashion and appearance. These men want quality clothing and appreciate the artistic vision behind the line. The overall goal is to give men clothing that they’re comfortable with. While also providing them with creative designs that allow them to express themselves through their clothing.

Stewart By Stewart

Starting off as a womenswear designer, Sydney quickly realized that her true passion was in men’s clothing. She saw the importance of devoting her time to giving men the opportunity to have clothes that appropriately represent how they see themselves. This image was stepped outside of the previous boundaries played upon them by the fashion industry. Using the men in her life as her inspiration, she was able to produce unique and creative designs that satisfied men who demanded more from designers.

Recently, Stewart By Stewart released images of its Fall/Winter collection centered around the concept of construction.  The inspiration came from Sydney’s attendance at New York Fashion Week. She noticed construction workers wearing dirty overalls while sitting in her car. Sydney decided to build (no pun intended) on the idea of blueprints and the act of constructing, using the leather and denim as her principal materials.

Stewart By Stewart

The entire concept goes back to having a foundation and improving through construction. Sydney was able to see how construction was not only related to architecture but also fashion and other facets of life. It’s also one of the things that she enjoys about her profession. She’s able to conceive an idea, make a plan or blueprint, and figure out how to put it all together to make the finished product that was birthed in her head.

Sydney views Stewart by Stewart as her artistic vision played out through men’s clothing. She sees creating clothing no different than painting a mural or chiseling a sculpture out of stone. Whether it’s dying vinyl different colors or adding fur and features to certain pieces, Sydney likes to push for the notion of having wearable art instead of simple clothing.

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