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Courtesy of TELFAR

Going into 2018, unisex fashion brand TELFAR is definitely the one to watch. Throughout this year, they have not only produced unbelievable clothing, but also took part in a couple major collaborations. Not to mention, being the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund prize of $400,000.

Telfar is known for taking a completely different approach to clothing, especially when it comes to unisex fashion. Most designers consider unisex as clothing that can work for both menswear and womenswear; things like sweaters, t-shirts, trousers, and button downs usually flip the bill. However, in an effort to view fashion as “horizontal” Telfar sees same one-shoulder tank top that would normally be assigned to womenswear, as an option for men.

(on the right) Telfar Clemens, founder of TELFAR

The brand’s founder, Liberian-American designer Telfar Clemens has been making unisex clothing since 2002. He recently dove back into his archives to recreate some of his pieces. The ones that made the cut were presented in his 2018 Spring/Summer Collection comprised of tank top dresses, backward-facing collar polo shirts, denim jackets with detachable sleeves, and backless dress shirts. With unisex, Telfar goes all the way and commits.

Courtesy of White Castle

Not too long, he partnered with popular fast-food chain, White Castle, to design uniforms for all of the restaurant’s employees. The uniforms were unveiled in September of this year and featured a royal blue, wide-collared shirt with yellow stitching. On the left side of the shirt is an early 90s style White Castle logo.

The relationship between Telfar and White Castle makes sense, especially since the restaurant has catered multiple events for him. Also, his Queens upbringing involved late-night binges at the location close to his childhood home. The new uniforms are currently available for the general public as well. Other partnerships that he’s been involved include ones with 21st Century and Intel.

The brand stands on its slogan “It’s not for – it’s for everyone.” As it continues to grown, Telfar has managed to include more and more people through the versatility of its clothing. Vibrant colors and gender-fluent clothing might always be the staples of this brand. We’ll just have to see what TELFAR will come up with next.

Checkout Looks from TELFAR’s 2018 Spring/Summer Collection

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