Get Into It: Tim Coppens SS18

04 Tim Coppens SS 18

Belgian designer Tim Coppens unveiled his Spring 2018 collection not too long ago. The entire collection featured casual clothing with a couple of standout pieces. He’s known for his signature “sporty” looks but is now transitioning to making trendy casual clothes.

Tim’s inspiration for his designs is viewing American casual dress from the view of a European. He expresses that he wanted to get back to the basics. In that decision, he’s managed to take his reputation as a sportswear designer and move his aesthetics to casual wear. His newest collection embodies clothing that men and women can wear every day without much effort. The idea is that casual can still be trendy too.

Some of the featured pieces of the collection include casual suits, sports suits, denim outfits, outerwear, and loose pants. He’s even included a couple of jumpsuits for men as well. It’s the type of clothing that someone would throw on while returning their library books or picking up a pizza, but the interesting part is that it’s not the everyday sweats and t-shirts.

Before acquiring his own label, Tim worked for Ralph Lauren‘s athletic line RLX and adidas. Last year he was named the creative director of Under Armour Sportswear. He’s responsible for designing a new men’s and women’s wear brand within the company that launched this Fall.

Tim started his fashion label back in 2011. His collections have taken on a new meaning of casual and sportswear. Tim’s 2014 collection featured casual suits that could be worn with sneakers. He added large scarves, jackets, shirts, and other pieces that could be switched out with the suits to keep the look casual. However, his current collection is different for the fact it takes staples in casual wear and makes them trendy. Instead, of taking high-end pieces and trying to incorporate them into casual wear

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