Get To Know: DJ Fadelf

By: Sebastien Gaudin

The pulse of any celebration falls in the hands of who runs the 1’s and 2’s. There is something almost magical that takes place when the right song pumps through the speakers whether at a wedding or at a birthday party. One man who has perfected the craft of providing life to the party would be none other than DJ Fadelf. As a New York native, hip-hop may run through his veins, but make no mistake he embodies the essence of a versatile DJ.


Like most rising acts Fadelf began his career as a singer alongside his cousin in a group growing up in Long Island. As life interjects in every situation he was introduced to the concept of spinning by the influence of a neighbor. Gaining a passion for the effect of what music can do in almost any situation he as carved out a space in an industry that at one point idolized the work of the “hype man.” Before the days of the one solo hype man running across the stage and slew of members in a entourage getting the crowd excited the was time when it use to just be one person who controlled that. Looking back at the days of Run DMC and how the late DJ Jam Master Jay made the experience of the performance into a science and pioneering the art form itself.


Fadelf describes his love for the science as “breathing.” The moment he stands behind the board something happens to take over the artist. His focus taps into another place where he uses the vibe from the crowd to detect where the experience will lead the entire atmosphere. For any DJ the moment can be hit or miss, but something about Fadelf uses the pressure as motivation to deliver. In life there are moments that cause us all to grow and standing before a crowd solo where it all depends on you is one of those moments.


Originally almost in the group, Soul For Real, he still dabbles in the work of performing in a rock band properly named Guitars and Bandanas. His drive is evidently unparalleled when it comes to what Fadelf is planning to achieve. As the father of two daughters and a husband to television personality Egypt Sherrod it all comes as no surprise.


Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia the family man is taking everything to another level while chasing his dreams and passion. Already succeeding in modeling and music expect to see a lot more of what he has to offer. Next to what Diddy has already accomplished it looks like Fadelf is on the path of creating his very own entertainment empire.


Sebastien "@TheGayBestie" Gaudin

As a New Jersey native it came to no surprise when Sebastien birthed a knack for writing. During his college days the young blogger gained experience through international talkers such as The Maury Show and The Mo’nique Show. After years of interning and assisting the aspiring journalist threw caution to the wind and launched The Gay Bestie, LLC. Ladies brace yourselves because Sebastien is taking you places where you’ll be sure to blush and share a laugh! He’s giving exactly what’s been missing. Grab you’re favorite beverage (i.e. red wine), sit back, and prepare to gab about this with your girlfriends the minute you see them.