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Get to know poet Tiffany Taylor #KontrolReads

Get to know poet Tiffany Taylor #KontrolReads

1.   Tell us what this book is about?

My first book, which I self-published in 2010, is titled Truly In To Poetry. After publication, I couldn’t believe the sense of accomplishment I felt. Feeling overwhelmed with the task at hand and having no previous knowledge of how to publish a book, I enlisted the help of a fellow poet.  He guided me through the process of publication and turned what he called a “term paper” into what is now my first book. In 2012, my writing matured and grew to express my more personal feelings through my eclectic and unique style in the self-published book, Thoughts From My Pen.


2.   Why did you choose to write this book?

Writing a book was something that I never planned on doing until a co-worker and I began talking about the spoken word. I mulled on the conversation for a bit and soon got invited to read a poem at Ikonz, a club in Montgomery, AL. Later on, the same co- worker and I were again discussing literature and I was asked if I had ever thought about compiling of book. Being a bit shy of sharing my work with others, I was hesitant to do so, but after a conversation with my parents and their full support, I decided to take the plunge. Since then, I have enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait to publish my next book.


3. Tell us why your writing is unique?

When I write, I try not to limit myself or my abilities. With a limitless imagine and writing style, I consider my work to be very eclectic. I reflect back to 3rd grade where I won a poetry contest for a piece I wrote, and it was then that I first realized the power of my own imagination. Since then, I have let my imagination run wild and free. In both of my books, the themes of poetry run the gamut. From inspirational, to life lesson, to drama, my poems cover it all, but poetry is not where I stop. I also enjoy writing music lyrics, children books, and novels.


4.   What can we look forward from you?

In October of this year, I will be entering a new, at least for me, genre of poetry. Wet Dreams, a book of erotic poetry, will leave even the most insatiable appetites wanting more. In 2015, I will be releasing my first novel, Baby Eyes, and will also continue participating in local spoken word events in the Opelika and Atlanta areas.

From Truly into Poetry:

Christmas has ended at 29

There is no more Christmas for me.

It feels like my life has fallen into debris

This Holiday has gone away

Is there anything more I can say

Christmas is not the same as it was a year ago

I don’t know why this change has happened so

My world has been turned upside down

If you could see the expression on my heart it looks like a frown

There have been a lot of changes in 2008

For the next few years I thought my holidays time would be great

That tells me right there that life is unfair

But the pain is almost unable to bear

I don’t want to spend the holidays at my family home

I would rather spend it all alone

I’ve lost some valuables that I can’t get back no matter how hard I try

Feels like bit and pieces of me have died inside

Sometime I can’t think about the holiday with getting upset

I wake up in the middle of the night with my pillow soak and wet

For all I care the holiday can come and go

Fly in the door and leave through the window

The holiday use to be the best time for me but know it seems like the worse

I really feel like I had been curse

Maybe the holiday will be better for me but I doubt that it will

But after 29 the holidays are not a big deal


You can find me on twitter  @trulyintopoetry.com. E-mail: wheatieb@yahoo.com, website: Trulyintopoetry.com


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