Tips to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly1

How To Get Perfectly Polished Nails Everytime

How many times have you polished your nails just to get nail polish all over your cuticles? Some people have the God given talent to be able to polish their nails perfectly. For the rest of us, not so much.  We find doing at home manicures to be disastrous and frankly a waste of time.

If you find that you’re always getting nail polish on the skin around your nails then I have the perfect trick for you. It’s super simple and I promise it will make your life so much easier when you’re polishing your nails.






  • Dip a q-tip into the Vaseline and carefully wipe the q-tip around the base of the nail. Be sure to not get any on the actual nail, only on the cuticles.
  • Paint your nails as usual.
  • Once the polish dries, use a new q-tip and remove any nail polish that is on the skin.

The Vaseline makes the nail polish on the skin slide off easily. You should now have polish free cuticles and a professional looking mani or pedi.

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