Get Summer-Time FINE with these easy tips!!

Even though the weather has been crappy here in Atlanta lately, do not let Mother Nature discourage your fitness goals. Remember, summer is around the corner and you do not want to be caught singing the same old tune you did last year. Right now is the perfect time to get started on shedding that extra weight one day at a time. Are you ready to spring board your body into the best shape ever? If so, check out these easy tips that can help you achieve that sexy beach body in no time. Trust me, summer bodies are created in the Winter/Spring so you can glow all summer long!


  1. Listen to your body! When its time to eat, make sure you eat! You can not lose weight if you do not eat. Throw out all those idelogies that straving yourself will make you smaller. Our bodies does not work that way. If you want to be confident on the beach this summer, make sure you are eating!
  2. Make sure what you are eating is not high in fat! Put down the sugary sodas and juices and drink more WATER!! Water has the ability to clean our system, keep our skin silky smooth, and quench our thrist on those hot summer days.
  3. GET ACTIVE! Whether its riding a bike, swimming, hiking, jumping rope, jogging, etc in order to lose weight you have to get active. This is the only way you can break down those fat cells. Say hello to the new you!
  4. EAT CLEAN! Eating clean means consuming food that is not only good for you but it keeps you regular. Clean food includes but not limited too fruits, nuts, berries, oatmeal, bran, flaxseeds, salads, grilled chicken, brown rice, and a lot of vegetables.


Jarius Tommillson

On September 20, 1988, a boy was born and deemed to create his own path. He was taught to follow his heart, and never take no for an answer. My name is Jarius and I love everything about hair, make up, nails, fashion, shoes, and most essentially writing. Join me as we voyage to nirvana through the words I write.