Getting a Must Have Straw Set

We don’t know too many women that don’t like an excellent straw set. You know that style that makes your hair look like a bunch of beautiful coils. Well we are at it again, searching high and low for the best hairstylists to offer us nothing but the best in hair styles for the summer. We talked to the one and only C. C. The Great from Arlington, TX and she is going to walk you through her straw set. And in case you didn’t know … a straw set is a great way to take your hair from relaxed or chemically treated to natural.

Setting your hair in a straw set does not require many hair tools at all. All you need is at least 100 folding drinking straws, a rat tail comb and your favorite mousse.


  1. After shampooing your hair, be sure to saturate your hair evenly with the moose.
  2. Starting at the nape of the head, make a part from left to right about the width of two fingers.
  3. Take small one in subsections.
  4. Take your first section and using the straw come the section at horizontally and place the folding part of the straw at the base of the scalp, fold the bending part of the straw over the base of the hair.
  5. Wrap the hair around the straw in a downward spiral motion.
  6. Repeat until you complete your entire head. “Be sure to keep the hair damp and evenly saturated with the mousse until the process is complete,” says C. C.
  7. After you’re finished, you will need to sit under the dryer for least 45 minutes to an hour depending on how thick or thin the hair is.
  8. After the hair is completely dry, remove the straws from your head starting at the top of the head working your way down.
  9. Separate the spiral curls using your fingers and rub the oil in a spiral motion down the hair, to remove any frizz. “You want to make sure you moisturize your hair with oils like Chi Oil, Design Essentials Silk, or Mizani Oil Essential,” adds C. C.”Just take a dime size amount of the oil and emulsify the oil in your fingers.

Now you’re all done and this style should last two to three weeks maybe even longer, so enjoy!

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