[VIDEO] Hit Anime, Hot Movie–Ghost in the Shell!

The Japanese anime series from Masamune Shirow has made its way to the big screen. Ghost in the Shell is an action-packed film that shows a world where humanity ends and technology rules all.

Human life takes the backseat to robots. The human brain is the only thing that still exist underneath the robot shell.

scarlett johansson ghost in the shell

Lead actress Scarlett Johansson plays the character named Major, a combat-machine built out of a synthetic, robotic body in a lab who struggles to discover her true identity and starts to realize that things aren’t what they really seem to be.

ghost in the shell

The movie, lacking a more intriguing story line, does hit on some very modern-day conspiratorial issues. The movie felt like an analogy for government and media control. It hints on the effects of medication and vaccines, the elimination of compassion and sympathy through human emotions, and the negative backlash some people or groups receive for simply thinking differently. Also, from an African-American point of view, it can be an interpretation for how the government and media tries to keep our true history a secret or even undermine it. (Or if you watched Get Out try to claim everything about us as its own)

My overall thoughts on the movie: I was not expecting much other than cool combat choreography from Johansson (who also isn’t too bad to look at for 2-hours), and that’s what I got. It had a great message told through a barely decent storyline. I felt it lacked that magical factor and that it could’ve punched a little harder. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate this a 6. But, as always, different strokes for different folks. Go see it for yourself. Ghost in the Shell is in theaters now! Happy viewing, and comment what you think about this amazing new film below!


Written By: Brandon Jordan

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