Gifts For Adventurous Men


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Choosing the perfect gift is never easy, no matter how well you think you know the person. And what are you supposed to give an outdoorsy type who is always on the go or active in some way? Here are ten gift ideas for adventurous men.


A gym membership or dumbbells


He may or may not have a gym membership already, but gifting him a month-plus for free will land you on the top of his “favorite person” list. If he’s not a gym person, then adjustable dumbbells will also do the trick.


Routine exercise not only helps someone look and feel good, but it can combat health conditions and diseases, improve mood, promote better sleep, and so much more.


Enroll him in a race or tough mudder


An adventurous man tends to love a good race, and enrolling him in a tough mudder will place him right in his natural habitat. Bonus points if you do the race with him.


Extreme lessons


Whether he fancies himself a surfer or not, pro surfing lessons will get him in the water and he’ll be picking up a new hobby in no time. Plus, consistent hobbies can improve mental health.


Filtered water bottle


The adventurous man calls the entire planet his home. He’s always on the go, and he’s always outdoors. Therefore, he needs a good water bottle. A filtered water bottle ensures that he has clean and filtered water no matter where he ventures off to.


Camping gear


You don’t have to buy him all new camping gear, but a portable chair, sleeping bag, or other camping accessories make for awesome gifts.


You could just ask him what he needs. But if you want it to be a surprise, do an inventory of his camping gear to see what’s missing or what needs to be replaced.


Top-notch cooler


An adventurous man is always traveling, whether it be in the woods, out on the open road, or from city to city. During his travels, a top-notch cooler — one that can withstand falls and keep all of his food and beverages cold — will need to be there alongside him.


Gift him with the best one you can find so he never has to worry about the dilemma that is melted ice and warm beverages again.


Something for his car or bike


Most adventurous men love their vehicles, which is why you should consider buying n something he might need for said vehicle, such as a motorcycle battery. After all, batteries don’t withstand the test of time and they always need to be replaced at some point.


Climbing gear


If he’s a climber, then a climbing harness should be a no-brainer. But even if he’s not a climber, then you might be giving him a chance to discover his new favorite hobby.

Hiking boots


Have you ever been hiking without proper footwear? We all have, and it’s the worst. Your back, feet, and whole body hurt for days.


Make sure that doesn’t happen to him by giving him new hiking boots. Trail-running shoes can also enter the picture here. Proper footwear is essential for the adventurous man.


Sporting goods gift card


Not sure what he wants or needs? A gift card to his favorite sporting goods store is always an option. This ensures that he gets exactly what he wants because, realistically, you just never know for sure.


Everyone is different and has different likes and interests as a result. But hopefully the items above can help you dish out the perfect gift to the adventurous man in your life, whether it be your father, grandfather, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle, friend, or significant other.



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