Ginuwine Wins Legal Battle Against Former Manager

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When he’s not being questioned about his parental skills or reliving that awkward TGT performance, Ginuwine is winning legal battles.

Last year, Ginuwine (Elgin Lumpkin) made headlines after music producer Robert Reives filed a  $250,000 lawsuit against the singer. Reives served as the executive producer of his debut album “The Bachelor.” Ginuwine was also rumored to be filing for bankruptcy following his divorce from rapper Sole and owing back taxes.

Reives claimed that he was owed royalties from a $1.25 million dollar five-deal album contract that Ginuwine had with Sony music. However, Ginuwine argued that Reives request was outside the statute of limitations and that he owed nothing.

Well according to reports, a judge agreed…

Based on the evidence presented, Reives and Ginuwine’s management agreement ended in 1996 on mutual grounds.

Ginuwine had the label pay Reives one percent of the royalties accumulated from the album. Once their working partnership ended, he eventually hired a new manager to help arrange a more profitable deal.

His decision to acquire new representation was contingent on Ginuwine’s belief that Reives was unprofessional in handling his career.

On Jan. 20, a federal court judge not only dismissed the lawsuit but rewarded Ginuwine attorney fees after he defended himself.

The judge was able to review all of the documentation and ruled in Ginuwine’s favor given that Reives didn’t make any “noise” about the matter—until now.

Looks like the  “lesson of the day” is simple — If you’re going to sue someone, it might be best to do it right then.

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