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Glam it Up with Angela Simmons and Mimi J

Makeup is to enhance, not to recreate! And that is exactly what Mimi J of the Glamatory does. The Glamatory, is the newest beauty boutique which houses some of the best makeup artists in Atlanta.

Angela Simmons debuts new lipstick lineHead over to the Glamatory for a fierce face beat.

The owner, Mimi J, is a mother, entrepreneur, business woman, and a celebrity makeup artists to a host of folks. Her resume proves she is a force to be reckoned. She has worked on four seasons of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, has beat the faces of Kenya Moore of The Real Housewives of Atlanta,  Da Brat,  and Missy Elliot to name a few.Mimi J, Owner of Glamatory

Mimi J is a self-taught makeup artist. What started out as a hobby, turned into a passion as a freelancer, which eventually lead to a money making career for her. She opened up her brick and mortar of the Glamatory in May 2015.

With her tenacity and amazing makeup skills, Mimi J met Angela Simmons on a photo shoot about three years ago. From that, they both decided to do a collaboration. SincAngela’s favorite makeup product is lipstick, and a Mimi is all about a “good beat” an enhancing natural beauty, they created LIP A.R.T.

LIP A.R.T. has amazing and yet beautiful colors – deep orange, orange-red, nude pink, and metallic rose gold.  Just recently added is vibrant light pink, and deep berry with a hint of metallic, just in time for Spring 2017. All the colors are liquid lipsticks in a dry matte finish.

Since Mimi J is constantly beating one face at a time and doing it very well, I asked her what advice would she give to any upcoming makeup artist, she states “Be professional, be on time, be genuine, and of course, never stop learning”.Mimi J & Angela Simmons





So if you need a good beat, or your lipstick to be popping, sashay yourself over to the Glamatory which is located at 1675 Cumberland Parkway – Suite 408 – Atlanta, Georgia 30318.




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Get the latest fashion trends, the best in beauty, entertainment news, and culture to know delivered daily.