Global Influencers Team With MAC

What happens when global influencers and MAC get together? They make new lipsticks!

Inside MAC's Lab
Inside MAC’s Lab

Makeup giant MAC will be teaming up with 10 popular influencers for a new line of lipsticks. These lucky selects have a strong following and presence on the web via YouTube and Instagram. The common thread they all share is a love for makeup, beauty and naturally, MAC.

MAC and Global Influencers lipsticks 1Each influencer will have their chance to create their very own lipstick. MAC is showing BTS, or behind the scenes, footage on their social media outlets.

MAC and Global Influencers lipsticks 3This type of collaboration is not new because back in 2011, they had another similar campaign with popular bloggers for a limited edition launch.

MAC and Global Influencers lipsticks 2It is said that you will only be able to purchase the lipstick based upon your country and the country where the influencer is from, for example, if you live in the US, you can only purchase the selections from US influencers.  The 10 influencers selected are:

Gabriel Zamora (US)

Lar Lar Lee (US)

Fleur De Force (UK)

Alessandra Steinhgrr (UK)

Samantha Ravndahl (Canada)

Vic Ceridono (Brazil)

Fouz Al Fahad (Middle East)

Enjoy Phoenix (France)

Caroline Daur (Germany)

Nikkia Joy (Australia)

Each lipstick that is created does not seem to fit into the “box” or persona displayed online. The influencers appear to have the average consumer in mind when creating and releasing the shades. The colors tend to be light pink, beige, or nude based. The great thing about that is the fact that the colors can be worn year round and different skin tones can enjoy a different shade that compliments their complexion. Each lipstick will retail for $17 and will be available in select stores and online via MAC’s official website. For additional information about the new lipstick launch, visit the social media platforms for MAC and the influencers.

The new collaboration collection will be out April 2017.

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