Everyone Deserves to Glow! – Glow Photo Series

Glow: Radiance, Light, Shine, Gleam, Glimmer, Incandescence, Luminescence  

Courtesy of Glow Photo Series

Imagine this, an array of beautiful black and brown girl magic in shades of the same color at a breathtaking location to form a work of art! Insert the Glow Photo Series where the definition of glow describes this series perfectly!

While scrolling Instagram, creator Chanel Jaali, did not see her image portrayed. There were only pictures of those perfect bodies and personas. “There was not anyone that looked like me.”

The vision was manifested into the Glow Photo Series, which is a traveling photo project aimed to highlight the beauty of Black and Brown women. This project includes women of all hair textures, body types, abilities, and complexions.  Then asked to pose in a predetermined color in an attempt to shift the perspective of what the standard of beauty should be.

“Everyone deserves to be represented and everyone deserves to know that they are beautiful.”

Courtesy of Glow Photo Series

The series is of creative magic, Chanel spends time choosing the colors, location, and a theme. As the photographer, she captures the essence of beauty in each series. Ladies from all walks of life are able to join in. Before each shoot, there is a sister circle. In this literal circle, a sisterly bond is formed. A question is asked, “What brings you joy?”

“There is so much more to this than the photo – its a sisterhood.” Women are able to relate and network, often resulting in new business opportunities and friendships.

Courtesy of Glow Photo Series

Glow has shot in Baltimore, Atlanta, Harlem, Los Angeles, just to name a few. With the positive feedback from the participants and the viewers, the momentum for the Glow Photo Series continues to grow. There are also plans to shoot internationally in 2018!

To be apart of this creative magic, follow The Glow Series @glowphotoseries for future dates and locations! 


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