Godzilla, “King of Monsters?” Duh! Godzilla The Movie..Great? Sort Of…

Godzilla is hands down the most famous monster on the planet. Whether you’re a newborn in the hood or an elderly person in a castle everyone, who’s anyone knows of The King of Monsters! In fact, Godzilla is such a force there have been dozens of movies about him and tons of remakes of this creature so scary he makes a T-Rex look like a puppy. 2014 yields yet another remake of the classic creature. Although this latest Godzilla rings true to the original in both size, shape, and form he selfish human co-stars fail to let him shine through! To put it simply, less humans, less love, and more monster on monster smackdown!

Every film should have multiple story lines that coalesce to form a great movie. The problem with this film is it a movie about a family personally affected by the foes of Godzilla and not the monster himself. Michael Bay had the right formula with Transformers 3 when concentrated on the robot characters and less of the human element. You can see people everyday, but how often do you get to witness a true clash of the titans when Godzilla faces down not one, but two Mothras (called MUFOs) in the film.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Nevertheless, whatever is found lackluster in the plot of the film is satisfied in the visual effects. There is no doubt fanboys everywhere were happy to see Godzilla in his original form, with naturally armor plated and scaled skin. It was a refreshing far cry from his giant lizard look in the previous 1998 release. I should mention the human actors in this film, but I will only mention one as Godzilla’s fight is juxtaposed by a coming of age story surrounding him. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is pretty awesome as “Ford Brody.” His quick thinking and bravery make him almost a sidekick for our resident mythic beast.  Even though this film is just “ok,” Godzilla is awesome. The King of The Monsters still reigns supreme. Catch him in theaters everywhere this Friday, May 16th!

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