It’s Going Down,On A Tuesday! iLOVEMAKONNEN Attacked At SOB’s In NYC!!


Atlanta’s Makonnen has a smash hit and a new record deal, but that with new levels, come new Devils. Makonnen, who used to be a hair dresser in Atlanta, was signed to Drake’s record label, OVO Sound. His song “Tuesday” is huge all over the country and they just released the video a few days ago. Makonnen is an acquired taste, but the fact still remains, he’s an overnight sensation. At SOB’s in New York last night, he was on stage performing “Tuesday” and a man walked right up to the stage and proceeded to punch and drag the singer. Interestingly, security had a delayed reaction and the men on stage with him, almost had NO reaction! Like a true performer though, Makonnen dusted himself off and finished the song. The man who attacked him, was never apprehended or so much as touched. Rumors are he was sent by New York rapper Troy Ave, who had words with Makonnen via social networks a while back. Troy threatened him, and said he would be caught when he got to his city. My advice for Makonnen? Beef up security and evaluate your circle. That shouldn’t have happened that easily and his boys didn’t even jump into action?! Hmm…


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