Going Gaga for Gucci

Gucci is a well-known and very recognizable Italian luxury brand. If your favorite rapper has not named them in a song, then the brand will still receive recognition because people will be photographed in the luxury brand’s products. Recently, there seems to be many celebrities in the latest Gucci clothing.

When viewing the pieces, you may wonder what the appeal is with certain articles of clothing in the newer collections. Depending on your style, you may be repulsed by the clothing or left in a state awe. It’s easy to understand when looking at the new surge in Gucci on your favorite public figures.

Beyonce in New York in Gucci

Every high-end luxury brand these days seem to go through a period of creative rebranding, so to speak. Currently, the man behind the creative direction of Gucci is Alessandro Michele, and he is replacing Frida Giannini, after she replaced Tom Ford. Each individual has left their mark on the brand which has been around since 1921. The current era is that of a whimsical nature courtesy of Michele.

ASAP Rocky in Gucci cardigan
ASAP Rocky

Outside of the traditional “GG” canvas design, Gucci now is known for their motifs inspired by Mother Nature. The animals and creatures range from size and item. Granted, the vintage web pattern has its fans, but it also is the backdrop for some of Michele’s vision for the Gucci accessories. From bags to knits, nature is present. One favorite among bag lovers is the Dionysus bag, which features a snake as part of the snap closure to secure the contents of the bag. Outside of the snake, there is also butterflies, bees, an array of flowers and a Bengal tiger.

Letoya Luckett from Instagram
Letoya Luckett

Although many pieces of the newer collections are in the realm of whimsy, with respect to the casual luxury dresser, the fashion house still sticks to its roots when it comes to traditional suits and tuxedos. The fabric used may vary, but classic essentially is king because the creative director seems to appreciate the brands legacy. There is something for practically every Gucci fan at events, casual days and various social media platforms.

Donald Glover in Gucci
Donald Glover

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