The Good, the bad and the ugly faces of the 2014 Billboard Awards

Written By: Aundriel Potier

Most stars put their best summertime face forward for this warm-weather awards show. Here are a few winners (and a few losers) in the category of “Best Makeup” at the Billboard Awards. Who would you all give the award to? Who’d I miss?


JLo serves “I dream of Jeannie” realness in this red gown. Hey, the girl know what works for her. She achieves her legendary glow using natural blush and gloss and the expertly placed faux lashes we love her for.



Nicki hit us with the pretty scowl but her makeup artist should be smiling because Ms. Minaj looks like a doll. Loving this natural look on her. Get this look with a natural sunny blush like Taj Mahal by Nars or Peachy Keen by MAC.


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