Goodbye Derek Fisher, You Had a Decent Run…



Derek Fisher has officially parted ways with the New York Knicks. Fisher was let go this morning and will be replaced by Kurt Rambis on an interim basis according to ESPN. He was hand-picked by his former coach, Phil Jackson, to take over the team last season after Steve Kerr rejected Jackson’s offer to coach the team. Fisher then came in to take over for Mike Woodson, agreeing to a five-year deal to coach the Knicks in June 2014. Prior to this deal he had no  coaching experience and many questioned whether the Knicks would pull through with Fisher on their side. The former Lakers player wanted to restore the “Championship DNA” for the Knicks franchise but it was certainly hard to recover after the team’s ninth loss in its last 10 games. He has admitted in the pass to taking some responsibility for some of the team’s lack of preparedness. The Knicks, who haven’t won a title since the 1972-73 season, are 23-31 this season and 40-96 in Fisher’s one-plus season. Things aren’t looking too good for the Knicks team at the moment and with Fisher out of the way we are praying for a speedy recovery. The story is still in development. Stay tune for an update!


Written by Jennifer Joseph

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