Gotham- “Harvey Dent”

Wayne Manor gets an extra visitor when Jim implores Bruce and Alfred to let them stay with her while they figure out how to find the Waynes’ murderer. Alfred is apprehensive, not wanting the girl’s presence to put them in any danger, but Bruce insists she stays. Elsewhere, a police truck is attacked and a prisoner, Isaac Hardgrove, is freed by a band of criminals bent on using his skills to retaliate against Falcon. Jim meets with an attorney Renee and Crispus trust, Harvey Dent. He assures them by rattling the cage they will flush out the Waynes’ murderer. Oswald investigates Liza by breaking into her apartment and discovers she wears lilac. Hardgrove creates a bomb used to detonate a munitions factory. The security guards there are killed. Harvey and Jim take on Hardgrove’s case and do their best to locate him by bringing his brother in for questioning. His brother reveals that Hardgrove never meant to hurt anyone, is mentally ill, and needs their help. Their attempts to locate him come to fruition when the shrapnel from the bomb reveals his location. Jim and Bullock attempt to rescue him, but the criminal gang narrowly escape from them.


Jim goes along with Harvey’s plans. However, he warns him not to implicate him, Bruce, or Selina in any way. Bruce and Selina learn more about each other, but hit a dead end when he inquires about her parents. Alfred feels she cannot be with them too long. Bruce continues to train with his own specialized curriculum but realizes he must learn more about the streets of Gotham. Oswald pays Fish a visit and connects her with Liza based on her scent. Fish gets the criminal gang holding Hardgrove hostage to steal Falcon’s money. The police are alerted and Jim and Harvey attempt to rescue Hardgrove. They realize a bomb is under the gang’s truck too late–Fish’s henchman detonates it remotely! Only Hardgrove and the officers survive the attack and he is taken back into custody. Elsewhere, Harvey attempts to rattle one criminal and it proves futile. When the criminal threatens him his dark side emerges, scaring everyone in the room!



David Mazouz as "Bruce Wayne"
David Mazouz as “Bruce Wayne”

Alfred begins to feel like Selina is good for Bruce after he catches them playing. The mayor has all over Blackgate’s mentally ill prisoners transported to Arkham Asylum. Oswald confronts Liza and tells her to continue working for Fish, surprisingly. Jim calls Barbara and asks her to return to Gotham because he loves and needs her. Her phone goes to voice mail as she is busy having sex with Renee!


Okay, Gotham is beyond freaky. At least now we how Arkham became the horror show it is. Watching Bruce grow and train like watching a rose grow from concrete. It is so cool to see how the love story between he and Selina will develop. A young Batman and Catwoman has never been cuter! Harvey Dent is wonderfully flawed and I love the glimpse of Two Face we got here! It almost got real!


Next Week—> The Fall Finale, trained assassins come after Bruce and Selina

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