Gotham- “What The Little Bird Told Him”

Gotham is on high alert as Jack Gruber and Aaron Helzinger remain at large from Arkham. Back at the police precinct the Commissioner demands to know what is being done to track down the two fugitives. Jim admonishes him for not being more hands on with the department and then tells him he is the only person who can catch Gruber because he knows how he thinks. Under a bridge elsewhere in the city Falcon murders one of his men and later meets with Liza. He tells her she should move on and meet a young man to make a family with. He offers to help her become independent. She insists she would rather be with him. However, he tells him in order to do so he will need his rank reinstated. The Commissioner agrees to his terms, but gives him twenty-four hours to catch Gruber or both he and Bullock will be demoted to Arkham security for good. Gruber makes his first move elsewhere in town, going after a former acquaintance who has been keeping his equipment. He electrocutes the man’s assistant to death and then uses the machinery to rewrite Aaron’s brain again.



Ed discovers Jack Gruber had his name changed years ago and then continues to pursue Ms. Kringle. the officers realize he had a partner in committing his past crimes. Jim and Bullock respond to Gruber’s first attack. Fish makes her first move against Falcon by staging a kidnapping of Liza. Using a voice disguiser she informs Falcon she has been taken hostage and that if he does not meet her demands she will be harmed. Falcon immediately calls The Penguin for info, the latter excuses himself from one of Don Maroni’s gatherings to try and race to Falcon’s side. Things go south when Jack, now dubbed “The Electrocutioner,” attacks Don Maroni and his men. Everyone is electrocuted and Penguin is rendered unconscious. He awakes briefly and declares to Don Maroni he must meet with Falcon. The former wonders if he is a rat! Jim realizes Don Maroni is  one of Gruber’s former partners and convinces him to go into protective custody, using him as bait to attract the madman. At the precinct, Leslie warns him that Gruber will enjoy the challenge of trying to get Maroni and attack. Barbara hits rock bottom and goes to stay with her parents.


Fish reveals her charade to Liza and tells her it is time for her to leave with Falcon and to never tell him what has happened. She tries to fake Falcon out, but he knows she is behind everything. She demands he relinquish his power or she will kill Liza. Falcon is set to do whatever it takes to have her back safe and sound. He ponders giving into Fish. Victor Zsasz tries to convince him of otherwise, and is only successful when Penguin finally arrives and reveals Liza has been working for Fish all along! Gruber attacks the precinct electrocuting everyone inside, rendering all but Jim unconscious. He orders Aaron to attack, but after a nasty fight Jim beats him unconscious. Gruber admonishes him for saving the cops and gangsters until Jim shorts out his equipment with a cup of water and takes him into custody. At a press conference Jim is reinstated, but warns the Commissioner to never take his shield again.  Victor’s men ambush Fish’s cartel, leaving only she and Butch alive. Falcon chokes Liza to death with his bare hands for her betrayal and using his mother to manipulate him. He leaves Fish and butch alive, but let’s The Penguin gloat over her downfall in person. Jim and Leslie share a passionate kiss, interrupted by news of a shootout at Fish’s place!


Fish is down! We all knew it was coming. Penguins after all do eat fish! Seriously, Gotham is definitely delivering. Victor Zsasz has to be the most dangerous man in Gotham City right now. Still one has to wonder what is going to happen to Fish now. In Gotham if she is not killed she will become an even more warped villain!


Hey Mikey!

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