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Gotham- “The Mask”

Gotham- “The Mask”

“Gotham” seemed to have its own Fight Club going from the jump on this latest thrilling episode! We find two men dressed in office attire fighting to the death. The winner is given some unknown reward, while the latter’s body is dumped at the docks. The victim’s case is picked up by Jim and Bullock, who are baffled by the office paraphernalia found on his corpse. Ed finds a thumb in his mouth, and then search begins for his killer. Back at the precinct, Jim still reels over his fellow cops’ abandonment and makes it a point not to help any of them. Bullock and Captain Essen try to convince him to continue to be a team player, but his faith in the department is shaken. On the flip side he serves as a reminder of just how powerless they all are in the reign of Falcon. Elsewhere, Bruce returns to school where he is met by a bully, Tommy. Barbara seemingly suffers from PTSD and has begun heavily drinking following her brush with Falcon. Jim takes her gun, fearing her mental state.


Oswald steals a rich woman’s broach and presents it as a gift to Fish, as a peace offering/gift of friendship. He lays down the terms for a peace treaty between the families of Falcon and Maroni. She agrees to them and introduces him to his replacement; but stabs him in the hand with the pin from the broach and then licks the blood off it! She admonishes him for his betrayal and warns him things will change if anything ever happens to Falcon. Jim and Harvey manage to track down the place where their victim was working and find the office filled with employees with injuries implying they have been in serious fights. They confront the boss, Roman Sionis, about his employees, but their questioning proves fruitless. As Jim leaves he notices a trail of blood on the floor leading to the restroom. There, he finds an employee nursing a broken nose and one missing a thumb! The man realizes Jim is a cop and knocks him down. Bullock surprises the assailant by hitting him with the door! Back at the precinct, they try interrogating the suspect who answers some of their questions until his lawyer arrives. Captain Essen is shocked by what Jim and Bullock ave revealed about Sionis and his masks. She wonders when these horrible cases became normal in Gotham. Jim surmises the death of the Waynes brought it about. Fish gives Liza a vile to knock Falcon out so that she may retrieve some information for her. Oswald captures Fish’s new assistant and beats information out of him. The man reveals Fish has a friend close to Falcon. He has his men kill him and dispose of the body so the Falcon-Maroni truce will remain intact.

Young Selina Kyle
Young Selina Kyle

Tommy continues to bully Bruce and insults his mother. Bruce angrily slaps him. Liza returns to Fish with the information she needs. Fish reveals her origins and why she hates Falcon so much. She promises Liza no harm will come to her. Jim returns to Sionis’ office where he is captured and taken to another office building. There, Sionis sets four men on him. He barely beats all of them before Sionis, in a mask, attacks him with a sword. Bullock tries to get the other cops to help him track down Jim but they initially refuse. After a harsh tonge lashing from Bullock, Captain Essen helps him and the other cops due to. Jim beats Sionis and refrains from killing him. Captain Essen manages to save him when the mad man tries to attack him again. Jim thanks Bullock for his support and calls to let Barbara know he is coming home, she does not answer the phone. Instead, she leaves a letter by the phone and leaves their apartment with her bags in tow. Selina shows up at the precinct after being arrested for burglary. Bruce returns to Alfred shaken and battered by his run in with Tommy. Alfred gives him his father’s watch and takes him to Tommy’s house. There, Bruce brutally beats him into submission. Later, Bruce asks Alfred to teach him how to fight. The latter happily agrees.


Jada Pinkett-Smith is a villainess unlike any other! Stabbing Oswald and tasting his blood was so over the top. Still, the most interesting aspect of this episode is the introduction of Hush and Black Mask. Hush is the villain Tommy will grow up to be! He has never been in any other adaptation of Batman other than the comics. Finally, Bruce Wayne learns to fight. Bad guys beware you are in for an ass whooping!

Next Week—>Harvey Dent comes to Gotham!


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