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Gotham- “Pilot”

Gotham- “Pilot”

Fox has a true hit on its hands and millions worldwide realized it last night as “Gotham” debuted on its Monday night line up! The series reveals the origins of Batman and his most fearsome villains. Interestingly, the story is told from the point of view of a young James “Jim” Gordon, when he was just a rookie detective. Jim is one of the few good and uncorrupted cops remaining on The Gotham City Police Department (GCPD). Unlike his colleagues, he is above the glory and grandstanding that comes with solving big cases and still cares about making the dark city a place of hope. However, he learns just what he is up against when Thomas and Martha Wayne, two of Gotham’s most powerful citizens are murdered in front of their young son, Bruce. Seeing how hurt and traumatized the boy is, he promises to bring his parents’ murderer to justice.

Ben Mackenzie as “Det. Jim Gordon”

Jim’s righteous fury causes him to bump heads with his partner and veteran detective, Harvey Bullock. Bullock is vastly disillusioned with Gotham and life as a cop, turning a blind eye to some of its biggest crime lords. He takes Jim to see Fish Mooney, a crime lord in charge of Gotham’s theatrical district. She and Jim immediately start off at odds, as he realizes just how dangerous and powerful she really is and the “relationship” she has with Harvey. He even witnesses her assistant, Oswald, also mocked as “The Penguin” beating a man in the alley behind her bar. Harvey enlists her help in finding the Waynes’ murderer. She eventually points them in the direction of a man in possession of Martha’s pearls. The pair of detectives pursue the lead, feeling pressure to close the case as soon as possible.

Bruce Wayne mourning the death of his parents

Young Selina Kyle
Young Selina Kyle

After briefly interrogating the felon in his home, he makes a run for the window leading Jim on a foot chase and gun fight. When all else fails the man tries to stab him, only to have Bullock gun him down from the back. The case is closed and the two are praised as heroes by the city. However, Oswald lets Renee Montoya of the Major Crimes Divison of The GCPD know the man believed responsible for the murders was framed by Fish. She in turn believes Jim is in league with the mob and goes to warn his fiancee, Barbara Kane, a former “friend” of hers. Jim angrily her for telling Barbara about his case and then goes to confront Fish. There, he is knocked unconscious and awakens to find himself hanging upside down from a meat hook. Bullock arrives to save him, but hung too when he threatens Fish on the phone and lets it slip that one of her men has betrayed her. She figures out it was Oswald and savagely beats him. Jim and Bullock are saved by Carmine Falcon and his men, who inform Fish’s lacky to tell his mistress she has to “ask for permission to kill cops.” Carmine allows Jim to live, telling him that organized crime cannot exist without law and justice. Carmine uses Bullock to try and usher Jim to their side and demand he kills Oswald. Jim fakes the murder and Oswald swims to freedom at he docks, but later emerges and kills a fisherman for his sandwich. Jim visits Bruce and i nforms him the man who killed his parents has not been captured, but he must keep that a secret. Bruce agrees, and Jim promises to fight the corruption in the city and bring justice to his parents.


“Gotham” is AWESOME! From the jump we are treated to not just Batman’s origins but a young Selina Kyle running rooftops and surviving on the streets. There were so many Easter eggs in this show that foreshadow the makings of awesome villains and fictional characters more human than actual people. Needless to say Ben McKenzie and Jada Pinkett-Smith stole the show as Jim Gordon and Fish Mooney. A rookie detective versus a rising crime boss, can you see the yin and yang here? From this series you really get to see why Gotham City needs a hero like Batman. Who better to combat its darkness and corruption? Well until Bruce Wayne is old enough it will have to be Jim Gordon!


You can catch Fox’s “Gotham,” on Monday nights, 8:00 PM EST.



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