Gotham- “Rogues’ Gallery”

Jim Gordon continues to lament over his new position at Arkham Asylum. He watches over a few inmates as they perform a Greek tragedy. The play seems to be odd, but harmless until one of the inmates is found with burn marks on opposite sides of his forehead and incapable of speech. The head of Arkham, Dr. Lang berates him for his failure to keep order among the inmates and threatens to demote him even further if he does not step up and keep the peace. Jim meets the doctor on duty, Leslie Thompkins, who informs him the man is essentially brain dead and suffered from a botched attempt at electroshock therapy. Fish meets with Falcon’s other men and hypothetically works out who would be next in line to run the organization. They choose Salvioni over her, based on seniority.  Butch and Salvioni are old friends, he offers to sway his thinking to Fish for her. She questions his loyalty.

Oswald Cobblepot, AKA "The Penguin"
Oswald Cobblepot, AKA “The Penguin”

On the docks of Gotham, The Penguin tries to raise the tariffs on the fisherman Don Maroni has in place. He fails as they find his threats idle and call the police, who promptly punch him out! Another prisoner turns up with the same injuries, but is still able to speak, albeit quotes from the Greek tragedy the inmates performed earlier. Elsewhere, Barbara’s heart is broken again when Renee tells her she is not ready to be with her and cannot help her with her problems. She suggests she call Jim. Meanwhile, Cat finds a very sick Ivy sleeping in an alley. She offers to find her a doctor, but Ivy refuses. Instead, Cat takes her to Jim’s apartment, where he has not been for quite some time. She tells them they will be safe there and she can rest until she feels better. Barbara calls there looking for Jim, but is taken aback when Ivy answers the phone. She becomes angry when she thinks that he has moved on. Bullock comes to Jim’s aide with his Arkham problems and brings Dr. Lang in for questioning, biding Jim time to look around the Asylum unhindered. He warns Leslie to leave the facility as soon as she can. Salvioni offers Butch a chance to be his right hand man and points out Fish’s weaknesses.

Butch Gilzean
Butch Gilzean

Later, Butch and Salvioni meet again and reminisce about old times. Butch surprisingly turns on him and shoots him in the head. Don Maroni gets Penguin out of jail, but not before berating him for overstepping his bounds. Penguin apologizes, but is clearly angry that he is still not as powerful as his boss. Jim enlists Nurse Duncan’s help with getting to the basement. He realizes she is behind the crimes when she knows a secret entrance to it. He realizes she is not a nurse, but an inmate and tries to warn Leslie before it is too late. Nurse Duncan runs past them and releases all the inmates from their cell as Leslie flees for her life. Dozens of them chase after her and trample Nurse Duncan to death! Leslie narrowly escapes thanks to Jim’s quick thinking giving them both time to flee. Later, Jim is praised by Sarah and Bullock for a job well done at Arkham. They both wish they could get him back in GCPD. Their celebration is cut short when the coroner tells them Nurse Duncan was a victim of electroshock therapy as well. The culprit is still on the loose! Back at Arkham, one of the inmates, Grouper, is behind the everything and has brainwashed another inmate into helping him. They use the guard’s spare keys and break out, killing a guard in the process. They then turn their attention to Dr. Lang. When Jim arrives, Dr. Lang holds on long enough to tell him about Grouper. Jim finds a note from him and realizes the danger has just begun!

Nurse Duncan and Dr. Leslie Thompkins
Nurse Duncan and Dr. Leslie Thompkins

I am so glad Gotham is back! These midwinter finales are for the birds! Penguin is definitely not the head man he thought he was. It seems like almost everyone has been taken down a peg. I feel the most for poor, stupid Barbara. Although Renee did sort of hit and quit her AGAIN. This new villain is thrilling, electroshock therapy is controversial, but effective. Most of all I am glad to see Leslie Thompkins, if you do not know she is instrumental in Bruce Wayne’s upbringing!

Next Week–> The hunt for Grouper continues as he takes on the code name of “The Electrocutioner!”



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