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Gotham- “The Scarecrow”

Gotham- “The Scarecrow”

Gotham begins with Fish Mooney captured and imprisoned. Her captors remain unknown but she has been imprisoned with men as deadly as any Gotham criminal. Two of them think she will be an easy target to have their way with. She warns them the first to attack her will be killed swiftly, and the second will be killed slowly and painfully. They immediately back down. Back in Gotham, Jim and Leslie finish their third date, there after slyly turning down his offer to sleepover, she informs him she is the new medical examiner for the GCPD. He seems happy for her, but worries how they will deal with romance in the workplace. The next morning, Sarah introduces Leslie to Jim and Harvey, the former pretends not to know her and Ed tells him she smells good. At Wayne Manor, Bruce prepares to spend his first night alone in the woods in an effort to toughen himself up. Penguin goes to Falcone for protection from Don Maroni. Falcone asks him to redecorate Fish’s club instead, insisting it will make money for them.



Jim and Harvey visit Gerald Crane’s university where he submitted research on removing adrenal glands and fear. The chairman there gives them his research, where it reveals he is searching for a cure to fear, believing it hinders humanity. Gerald perfects his fear toxin and injects it into his bloodstream. He begins to hallucinate about his dead wife who was burned in a fire that he failed to save. He confronts his fears and then prepares to inoculate his son. Fish manipulates the leader of the prisoners into trusting her, all the while plotting his demise. Bruce’s camp out goes awry when he falls down a steep hill and sprains his ankle. He resourcefully manages to make a splint using the branches on the ground. Penguin goes to the GCPD to visit Jim and ask for his help. He does not find him, but becomes quite annoyed with Ed’s intrusions.


Falcone promises to protect Penguin and have him work publicly for him. He negotiates his “purchase” with Don Maroni by blackmailing a judge that has routinely plagued both of them. Fish kills the head prisoner by stabbing him in the neck. She declares she is in charge! A prisoner is returned with her eyes gouged out by their captors. Alfred finds Bruce in the woods and convinces him to finish the night out and await the dawn. Harvey and Jim track Geral down, but not before he infect Johnathan with his fear toxin. Gerald is killed in a shoot out with the detectives. Johnathan is left scarred for life, possibly, hallucinating that he is seeing a scarecrow!


Now we know how the Scarecrow is going to come to be and that Fish Mooney is a bad ass! I am so ready to see the next villains coming up. Bruce’s training needs to intensify though! Step it up Alfred!



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