Gotham- “Spirit of The Goat”

Gotham’s latest tale of terror begins ten years ago during a flashback! A younger, heroic Bullock and his cynical former partner track a serial killer who preys on the first born of Gotham’s upper class to an amusement park. There we find a girl he has makeshift crucified. Bullock and his partner split up to search for the perpetrator unaware he has been watching them the entire time. The man wears a leather mask with horns and charges Bullock’s partner. The men barely manage to hold their own against him, shooting him dead  after he tries to attack them again. Believing the case is closed Harvey and his partner move on with their lives. Flash forward ten years and another rick kid has been killed in the same manner as the girl ten years before. Bullock believes they have a copycat killer on their hands.


Jim and Bullock go to see the victim’s parents, hoping to find out if their daughter had any enemies. The parents, especially the father who’s hand is shaking, are too distraught to be of any help. Their therapist, Dr. Marx, implores the detectives to try later. Knowing the modus operandi of the killer he requests information on anyone with access to the ventilation and air conditioning of the building the family lived in. Elsewhere, Barbara tries to get Renee to tell her what is going on with Jim. The former warns her that what Jim knows and does will ultimately put her life in danger and tells her again to leave him. She also tells her they have a warrant for his arrest and will be there to pick him up soon. The detectives manage to narrow down and arrest a suspect who had the access needed to kidnap the victim. They try their best to interrogate him  but he refuses to tell them if he was working with anyone. Bullock notices the man’s hand is shaking just like the victim’s father.



Oswald returns to see his mother who admonishes him for leaving her for so long. She draws a bath for him and tries to comfort him. He promises her he will “be somebody” in Gotham one day and that Jim Gordon is his friend. Bullock goes to see the victim’s father again and finds Dr. Marx there. He reveals she is also a hypnotherapist and has been using her skills to coerce men into becoming killers. The two men’s hands shaking was a sign they were doing something they did not want to do. She congratulates him on solving the crime and then commands the victim’s father to attack him. Bullock manages to stop the man and shoots Dr. Marx in the leg as she tries to escape.


Back at his home, Barbara tries to get Jim to run away with her but he refuses. Renee and Crispus take him into custody  for the murder of Oswald Cobblepot and return him to the precinct. There, Bullock and Captain Essen demand to know why the officers are arresting him. Jim confesses to Bullock he never killed Oswald. The latter believes he is putting on a show until Oswald walks into the precinct, revealing he is alive and that Jim is innocent. Realizing the repercussions of his actions Bullock tries to fight Jim! This episode was very Batman-like.


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