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Gotham- “Viper”

Gotham- “Viper”

Gotham begin on a rather poisonous note as a mysterious man gives a street guitarist a vile of green liquid with a viper on the front of it. The man tries the substance and it drives him insane. He storms into a convenient store and begins to guzzle down gallons of milk. The store owner tries to stop him with a bat, but he breaks it with his bare hands and then proceeds to rip an ATM from the wall. He carries it on his back and runs down the street. Elsewhere, Jim and Bullock try to enjoy their lunch break and do so until the former catches Selina trying to pickpocket a limo driver. She narrowly escapes from him. Their chase is interrupted when Jim hears an alarm coming from the nearby convenient store. There, he finds the owner on the floor. He tells the policemen what has transpired and how a man with super strength has robbed him!


Bruce Wayne continues to build his detective muscles by finding a tie to Wayne Enterprises and the shady dealings surrounding Arkham. Alfred tries to get him to eat and take his mind off trying to solve cases and his parents’ murder, but Bruce ignores him. Captain Essen is surprised to see the video footage of the man robbing the convenient store and orders Jim and Harvey to track him down. They find him in an abandoned warehouse. There, a confrontation ensues and the drugged man tries to attack them by throwing the ATM at the him. However, he loses his strength as he lifts it a final time and is crushed under its weight. They find the vile of Viper and realize they will have a serious problem if criminals in the city get their hands on it. Elsewhere in Gotham, the mysterious man continues to pass out samples of Viper, giving one to a prostitute. Edward Nigma discovers the chemical is not only highly addictive but uses a forgotten component of human DNA to attain super strength. However, it does so by using up most of the body’s calcium deposits in a subject’s bones causing the victim to crave milk and cheese. They eventually die from the bone loss. Just as he explains that a Viper using prostitute dies right before them. Jim’s investigation is interrupted when one of Maroni’s men come for him to verify Oswald’s past with Fish. After confirming their shared story, Maroni trusts his plan to invade and rob Falcone’s hotel.

Carmine Falcone
Carmine Falcone


Fish Mooney continues to train Liza on how to woo Falcone. Later, she meets with Falcone and his other lieutenants to discuss Maroni’s encroachment upon Arkam. Fish threatens another crime boss for crossing her. Later, it is revealed she and the other boss are lovers and in league to take down Falcone. Bruce attends an event at Wayne Enterprises hoping to discuss his findings with the Board. There, one of the lower level executives becomes disturbed by his accusations, but tries to assure him nothing underhanded is going on. Jim and Harvey track down one of the makers of Viper and find themselves fighting for their lives as he takes the drug to harm them. They discover Viper has been improved upon to create a chemical known as “Venom!” Stan Potolski, one of the original creators of the Viper, was an employee at a subsidiary company of Wayne Enterprises and threatens to reveal the dark side of the business. Jim and Harvey manage to stop him, but he commits suicide to avoid being captured. Fish’s plans to use Liza against Falcone come to fruition as she begins to woo him with a song his mother often sang for him as a boy.

There were lots of Easter eggs in this episode! I am stoked they introduced Venom! As fanboys everywhere know Venom is the drug Batman’s future enemy Bane will use to enhance his own strength. Bullock is really taking this corrupt cop thing so far that now he is just a lazy ass copy! Can someone please get Jim a new partner ASAP! Still I am loving Gotham right now. You really get to see how and why Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.



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