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Gotham- “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”

Gotham- “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”

Gotham is no longer a safe place for Fish Mooney as she is transported to a mysterious building. There, torture awaits her and his name is Bob. Jim and Harvey investigate a homicide, discovering the victim was a drug dealer. An elderly man witnessed the murder and agrees to sit down with a police sketch artist to identify the murderer. At the precinct the witness is murdered in an interrogation room, stabbed to death with an ice pick. Jim discovers the cameras have been cut off and someone unauthorized was allowed into the room. Jim suspects the murderer is one of his fellow cops. Jim wants to interrogate every officer who should have been guarding the witness and checking the log book. Sarah is hesitant, not wanting to stir trouble in the department. Elsewhere, Bob teases Fish with banter and tells her he will be “extracting” an apology from her. After insulting his daughters he slaps her with a clipboard. She spits in his face and begins to laugh at what he has in store for her.



Butch manages to escape his captors and then murders one of them. He demands to know of Fish’s whereabouts. Jim aggressively interrogates everyone suspected of the murderer, but it get him nowhere. Sarah decides to pull him off the case and the investigation over to Internal Affairs. She advises him to let the situation go, reminding him his reinstatement is still processing. Harvey reluctantly tells him about one of the detective’s sordid past and how his crew is involved with an illegal drug ring. Everyone wants to turn a blind, even the commissioner–who rules his murder a suicide. The witness’s grieving widow spurs him to continue his investigation. Bruce continues his search for Selina, wanting to be sure she is okay and will be able to identify his parents’ murders. While searching the block he runs into Ivy, who pays her twenty bucks to deliver a message to Selina. Bob continues his torture of Fish, smothering her until she passes out and then prepares to break her knee with a hammer. Butch manages to save her and beats Bob unconscious!


Victor Zsasz arrives to find Fish is gone. He kills Bob for not holding her. Penguin takes over Fish’s club. There, Jim comes in need of a favor. He requests information on who in the drug trade would know who killed his witness. Penguin helps him earnestly by having one of his henchman threaten the wayward detective by nearly drowning his wife. At a hotel, Butch tends to Fish and tells her they must leave town for good. She refuses, determined to make Penguin pay for his betrayal. She arrives at her club to find him in charge. She beats him with a steel bat and forces him to gravel at her feet. When she insults him he reminds her how he got the better of her. Victor arrives and chases Fish and Butch away, saving Penguin’s life in the process. Butch gets Fish to safety but is ultimately captured by Victor and his henchwomen. Selina comes to the mansion to see Bruce. When she realizes they truly are from two different worlds she spurns his offer of friendship and a place to stay. She lies about not knowing who killed his parents and tells her to never come looking for her again.


Penguin’s henchman delivers Jim the evidence he needs to close out the case, but he still does not trust the other cops.  Bruce is heartbroken over Selina’s revelation. Alfred advises him (in his own way) to move on. Bruce gets back to investigating his parents’ murder. Flask, head of narcotics division, is revealed as the perpetrator. Jim confronts him in front of everyone, but no one seems willing to arrest him. Sarah orders his arrest for murder, but most of the other cops are not a fan of his decision. Harvey meets with Fish. She tells him she will leave town for awhile and return to kill Penguin. She asks him to find Butch, and if he is alive help him. She kisses him goodbye. The wayward detective begs Jim not hurt his family. Jim is taken aback at how scared the man was of Penguin’s henchman’s threats.




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